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December 20, 2006

Xtra Credit Blog on The Idea of a Man-Made World

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When I read the article "The Idea of a Man-Made World" I knew I had to give my opinion since I just got back from the most obivious habitat change in the world. Spending time in Phoenix, Arizona gave me kind of a stomache ache because everything was man-made and nature only seemed to exsist in the far off distant mountains. I went golfing the other day and the grass was as green as it is in the middle of the summer in Minnesota. So when John Locke talked about how the mind is like a Tabule Rasae I tended to agree with him because golf originated out on the green lands of Scotland and when it was brought to the United States the idea of having that lush green land came along with it. The cultural ideas motivate how we treat our land. As the article talks about the crisis that we are having with the environment it really hit a nerve because I wished that Architects in Arizona used the land more accordingly and did not waist so much of the resources we have available to us. I remember walking down a major road in Tempe and saw this car dealership that had a little patch of grass in the front. Otherwise there was no grass to be seen anywhere. Everytime I walked by they were vigorously watering that little patch of grass. It really ticked me off to see that because when I was reading the paper they had an article talking about the shortage of water in the area and how they would like to build a pipeline to the great lakes and take our water. This idea definitely would not fly with me and I am sure I am not alone with that feeling. Environmental Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright would like to work with the environment instead of against it. As Crowe talked about the idea of us and nature harmoniously working together, we should take the ideas of environment Architects and push for more sustainable Architecture before we run out of all our resources.

December 4, 2006

Gershenfeld and Kahn articles

The Gershenfeld and Kahn articles are very similar and at the same time very different. They both focus on trying to change the way the world operates and how we percieve it. In the case of the Gershenfeld article he is expressing that looking to technology and the future as a way of trying to make life better easier to deal with. Kahn talks about the problems with the absence of nature and how the use of light (the sun) would make Architecture and life better. Gershenfeld also talked about how the University and the way classes are formed were not conduisive to the advancement of technology and when he started his class it gave students the excitement and freedom to make anything and use the technology that was available to them. Kahn on the other hand wanted to see the schools get back to the way Architecture used to be where students used all of their potential and were not limited to specialized roles in the business world. Kahn wanted stop worrying about where their next funds were coming from and start worrying about the students and their artistic progression. As Gershenfeld expressed his interests in the future technologies and the virtual reality like the machine in Star Trek that instantly made Captain Picard's Earl Grey Tea, Kahn talked about the desire of Man to build the Pyramids and the traditions that we should remember and hold sacredlike they were "mounds of gold." This is where I express my feelings of scepticism on the matter. I feel that we should lean more towards Kahns article than Gershenfelds. As was expressed in recent lectures are we going to do more good by making these fabricators or are we going to hurt nature and ourselves by making these things . Nature is what controls all and we should be focusing on nature to enlighten ourselves. The computer is no match for nature and contrary to belief we are no match for nature as well. We need to be more wary about what we do to nature or we like former technology will be obsolete.