Man sentenced to multiple life terms for Arizona shooting

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Jared L Loughner was sentenced to multiple life terms of life plus 140 years in prison Thursday for killing six people, wounding 12 others and the assassination attempt of former Representative Gabby Giffords, the New York Times reports.

Loughner originally pleaded not guilty to 49 charges from the shooting spree based on a history of mental illness, but was ruled competent to stand trial in August, according to CNN.

Prosecutors agreed to a plea deal with Loughner if he pleaded guilty to 19 charges in exchange for the sentence to avoid the death penalty, but instead would face life in prison without possibility of parole, CNN said.

Loughner waived his right to address the court, but many of victims of the January 2011 shooting took the stand to give their testimony including Giffords, whose husband Mark Kelly spoke on her behalf, according to the New York Times.

"We have all come here today seeking something...resolution, closure...I came to the courtroom today seeking peace. Not just for today but for the days ahead," Pamela Simon testified.

The victims and their families approved of the plea deal, none wished to pursue the death penalty on account of Loughner's mental illness, but are satisfied he will be behind bars and unable to hurt others, CNN said.

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