Occupy Sandy: political movement turned relief effort

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Organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement have found new project in Occupy Sandy helping with food, supplies and transportation in storm-ravaged neighborhoods surrounding New York City, the New York Times reported on Friday.

During the past two weeks, Occupy Sandy has set up distribution sites in a pair of Brooklyn churches were people can find cooked food and a wide variety of supplies, the Times said.

The organization has put together a motor pool of borrowed vehicles to shuttle volunteers to outlying neighborhoods and have construction teams and medical committees working in affected areas, according to the Times.

Volunteers who show up to the churches undergo orientation during which the volunteering process is explained as well as the group's guiding principles. They provide sensitivity training along with door-to-door training for those going out into the neighborhoods, according to the Washington Post in a story provided by the Associated Press.

Occupy Sandy now has relief centers across the city as they partner with local community and volunteer organizations to reach out to the most desperate areas, the Post said.

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