One-vote win triggers automatic recount

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One vote can really make a difference in an election as incumbent Mary Franson found out Tuesday night when she won against Bob Cuniff in Douglas County's Minnesota House race, the Echo Press reports.

Republican Mary Franson of Alexandria received 10,652 votes to Democrat challenger Cunniff's 10,651, which means an automatic recount after the state canvassing board meets on Nov. 27, according to the Star Tribune.

The Tribune reports that state election law triggers an automatic recount in races that are decided by less than one-half of 1 percent of the vote.

Franson has been known for some controversial statements that attracted headlines earlier this year, according to the Star Tribune, saying that Earth Day was a "Pagan holiday" and compared food stamp recipients to wild animals.

The Tribune reports the canvassing board will meet on Nov. 27 to determine a location for the legislative recounts, which should be completed within several days.

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