St. Louis Park man threatens juvenilles with AK-47 on Halloween

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A St. Louis Park man is charged with second-degree assault with a firearm for threatening a group of boys with an AK-47 on Halloween for stealing candy, according to WCCO.

Orrin John Hager, 44, went after a group of boys, who he believed to have stolen Halloween candy from one of his kids, WCCO reports.

Hager confronted the group at 27th Street and Brunswick Avenue just after 9 p.m. and he told police none of the boys were taking him seriously and were giving him "attitude" so he pulled out the gun from his car, according to the criminal complaint reported by the St. Louis Park Patch
The boys told police that Hager pulled out a "long gun" and they ran, according to WCCO. But Hager's attorney Joseph Tamburino said Hager never pointed the gun at anyone and regrets the confrontation, WCCO said.

The gun was unloaded, according to the Patch.

Hager faces a maximum penalty of seven years in prison with a $14,000 fine for the felony and the charge has a mandatory minimum penalty of three years in prison and a $4,200 fine, the Patch said.

Hager has been released from custody on a $100,000 bond, the Patch reports.

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