Voter turnout expected to be lower in hurricane affected areas

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, officials are working over time to make sure voters can make it to the polls this Tuesday, the New York Times reported on Friday.

However, the number of votes is expected to be lower in affected areas. Many states on the East Coast, including Virginia and North Carolina, canceled early voting hours this week, and some polling places may still be without power on Election Day, according to the Times.

Areas in Pennsylvania and Ohio also experienced power outages after Sandy moved inland. The Huffington Post reported that as of Thursday, 77,000 homes were still without power in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, which includes strongly Democratic Cleveland, and the number of early voters has dropped since the storm.

Officials are worried that the chaos could create legitimacy problems and will create an incentive for the candidate losing in the affected states to look for reasons to argue the results, the Times says.

Sources say the storm-related voting disruptions are unlikely to change the overall outcome of the presidential election, since the largest problem areas are expected to go for President Obama. However, the president's share of the popular vote could drop.

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