Analysis: USA Today reports on deadly bacteria resistant to anti-biotics

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USA Today's Peter Eisler delves deep into the story behind the bacteria that haunts medical professionals' nightmares in the United States - CRE.

USA Today conducted extensive research, interviewing dozens of health care authorities; reviewing hundreds of pages of journal articles, clinical reports, and state and federal health care data to use in the article.

Eisler breaks down the data by summarizing key takeaways and spreading out data numbers throughout the article so that the reader can take each statistic easily in stride each time it is presented.

Eisler would have needed to know how to effectively navigate through numerous online databases to collect medical data and statistics as well as how to compile them in a comprehensive manner.

The article included a large interactive graph at the top of the article that simplistically illustrated the method CREs use to reproduce and spread between carriers. It also included a video report on the story that included scientists speaking knowledgably but plainly, Eisler summarizing information from the article, and simplistic graphics illustrating data talked about in the video.

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