Confusion ensues in Egypt's fight for democracy

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President Morsi of Egypt rescinded his Nov. 22 decree granting him near-absolute power but refused to cancel an upcoming controversial referendum Saturday leaving protestors confused about their next move, the Washington Post reports.

Opposition leaders, including the prominent National Salvation Front, called for more protests against the referendum on a draft constitution many have called illegitimate, according to the Post. But the eclectic views of anti-Morsi groups may undermine their ability to influence the vote, the Post said.

Confusion also remains over whether the new declaration replacing Morsi's Nov. 22 decree altered his ability to legislate without judicial oversight as the new decree still grants the president the right to make new decrees without oversight, according the Washington Post.

Morsi issued an order Sunday for the military to take over government security until after the results of the referendum and also granted soldiers the right to arrest civilians, essentially evoking martial law, the New York Times reported.

Opposition groups want to postpone the referendum for a thorough examination of the proposal, which they say has inadequate protection of human rights and contains provisions that could allow Muslim religious authorities more influence someday, according to the Times.

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