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4-year-old boy fatally shoots 2-year-old brother

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A 4-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his 2-year-old brother in the Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, CBS reported Tuesday.

Authorities reported 2-year-old Neegco Xiong was pronounced dead in the ambulance at the scene, CBS said.

The father Kao Xiong, 33, said he had wedged the semi-automatic handgun under a pillow next to the bed's headboard, according to the Star Tribune Wednesday.

Xiong said he was home for lunch and his wife was vacuuming when they heard the single gunshot from the upstairs room where the two brothers were playing, the Star Tribune said.

Xiong attempted CPR on the 2-year-old while his wife called 9-1-1, according to the Tribune.

An investigation is being conducted and the findings will be turned over to the Hennepin County attorney's office, Sgt. William Palmer, a Minneapolis police spokesman told the Star Tribune.

According to CBS, a 4-year-old cannot be charged with a crime in Minnesota, but it is a crime to store a loaded firearm in a manner where a child can get to it.

Wisconsin father ordered to stop procreating by judge

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A Wisconsin judge ordered a father of nine who has failed to pay child support not to have any more children until he can prove he can provide for them, the Journal Times reports.

44-year-old Corey Curtis has fathered nine children with six women and owes nearly $100,000 in back child support and interest, according to an Associated Press report.

"Common sense dictates you shouldn't have kids you can't afford," Racine County Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle said to the Journal Times.

Boyle sentenced Curtis to serve three years' probation with the condition that Curtis may not have any more children until he can show he can provide for them as well as prove he can financially support his existing nine children, the Journal Times said.

According to the Associated Press, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld an appeals court ruling that affirmed a similar probation condition in 2001. The court ruled that the defendant's constitutional right to procreate wasn't eliminated because he could still have children if he could support them.

A St. Louis Park man is charged with second-degree assault with a firearm for threatening a group of boys with an AK-47 on Halloween for stealing candy, according to WCCO.

Orrin John Hager, 44, went after a group of boys, who he believed to have stolen Halloween candy from one of his kids, WCCO reports.

Hager confronted the group at 27th Street and Brunswick Avenue just after 9 p.m. and he told police none of the boys were taking him seriously and were giving him "attitude" so he pulled out the gun from his car, according to the criminal complaint reported by the St. Louis Park Patch
The boys told police that Hager pulled out a "long gun" and they ran, according to WCCO. But Hager's attorney Joseph Tamburino said Hager never pointed the gun at anyone and regrets the confrontation, WCCO said.

The gun was unloaded, according to the Patch.

Hager faces a maximum penalty of seven years in prison with a $14,000 fine for the felony and the charge has a mandatory minimum penalty of three years in prison and a $4,200 fine, the Patch said.

Hager has been released from custody on a $100,000 bond, the Patch reports.

Gang member charged for threatening tattoo

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Antonio Jenkins, Jr., known member of the Bloods street gang, was charged with making a terroristic threat for the benefit of a gang Thursday, the Pioneer Press reports.

20-year-old Jenkins posted a picture on Facebook in late October of a new tattoo that depicted a person holding a pistol to the mouth of a pig dressed in a Minneapolis police uniform displaying the badge of officer Jeffrey Seidel, The Pioneer Press said.

According to Dale Carpenter, who teaches constitutional law at the University of Minnesota Law School, the tattoo isn't protected under the First Amendment if the police version of events is true. "It's a serious threat to the health or life of another person and such statements, no matter what form they're made in - written, verbal, put on Facebook or put on your body - it is unprotected," he said.

Police stopped Jenkins in early November and officers observed the tattoo. Jenkins reportedly admitted that the tattoo could lead to violence against the officer, according to KARE 11.

The Pioneer Press reports that this threat and others have been allegedly made in retaliation for the death of a reputed gang member who was shot by St. Paul police during a drug investigation in October.

One-vote win triggers automatic recount

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One vote can really make a difference in an election as incumbent Mary Franson found out Tuesday night when she won against Bob Cuniff in Douglas County's Minnesota House race, the Echo Press reports.

Republican Mary Franson of Alexandria received 10,652 votes to Democrat challenger Cunniff's 10,651, which means an automatic recount after the state canvassing board meets on Nov. 27, according to the Star Tribune.

The Tribune reports that state election law triggers an automatic recount in races that are decided by less than one-half of 1 percent of the vote.

Franson has been known for some controversial statements that attracted headlines earlier this year, according to the Star Tribune, saying that Earth Day was a "Pagan holiday" and compared food stamp recipients to wild animals.

The Tribune reports the canvassing board will meet on Nov. 27 to determine a location for the legislative recounts, which should be completed within several days.

Deer hunter dies after being shot

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A Bemidji man has died after being shot while hunting Saturday in Beltrami County, according to the Star Tribune.

Police received a call at 9 a.m. that a deer hunter had been shot by another hunter in Turtle River Township, the Tribune says. The shooter reportedly knew the victim but the two weren't hunting together.

The Pioneer Press, provided by the Associated Press, reports that family members of the victim say he was insistent upon firearms safety.

The victim, 66-year-old Don Bixby, had missed past deer season due to health issues, and was out this season with a handicap permit, according to the Pioneer Press.

Bixby was standing next to a pickup truck when he was shot on public land, the Pioneer Press says.

Major Herion Ring Busted in Twin Cities

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Federal investigators broke a major heroin ring in the Twin Cities and, according to the indictment released Wednesday, eleven men face charges, KSTP reports.

KARE 11 reports the heroin distribution ring has been operating since 2000.

Many of the defendants will also face distribution and possession with intent to distribute charges, KARE 11 says.

According to KSTP, ten of the men have pleaded not guilty and the trial has been set for January.

If convicted, the eleven defendants could face a maximum penalty of ten years to life in federal prison, KARE 11 reports.

Voters in deadlock over marriage amendment

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The Pioneer Press reported on Sunday that Minnesotans are split down the middle when it comes to the proposed marriage amendment on this fall's ballot.
When a vote to define a marriage as only between opposite sex couples in its constitution has been held in 30 states, it has passed, according to the Pioneer Press.

However, in a poll by the Star Tribune only 48 percent of Minnesota voters support the amendment while another 47 percent of Minnesotans oppose the change with 5 percent of voters still undecided.

In this case, the vote has to capture a majority of all ballots cast in order to amend the state Constitution, which means a ballot in which the voter skips the question is counted as a no vote, according to the Tribune.

"Minnesotans have stepped back and come to understand marriage is actually when two people who love each other commit themselves to one another and take responsibility for each other's lives," said Richard Carlbom, who is running the anti-amendment campaign for Minnesotans United for All Families, to the Pioneer Press. "That is essentially Minnesota's definition of marriage."

15-year-old boy to be tried as adult in murder trial

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A 15-year-old Minneapolis boy will be tried as an adult for the death of 5-year-old Nizzel George, according to an announcement by the Hennepin County attorney's office Thursday.

The Pioneer Press reports Julian Kijuan Lamar Anderson was indicted in August on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder connected to the June 26 death of Nizzel George.

Standing trial with Anderson is Stephon Shannon, 17, also of Minneapolis, who faces the same charges.

Investigators report that the shooting was tied to a months-long dispute between two North Side gangs: the Skitz Squad and the Y.N.T. According to the Star Tribune, that night, someone shot several .40-caliber rounds into a house known to be a Skitz Squad hangout. Hours later, Anderson and Shannon allegedly stood on the street and fired shots into Nizzel's house where one Y.N.T member and an associate were staying.

5-year-old Nizzel was asleep on his grandmother's couch when he was hit. No one else was injured.

Kare 11 reports that a fourth Minnesota resident has been diagnosed with meningitis linked to tainted steroids on Saturday.

The Minnesota Department of Health said that two of the three Minnesota women who developed meningitis had been released from the hospital with the third soon to follow.

More than 800 Minnesotans may have been exposed to the tainted steroids, recalled by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass., when they received spinal injections at two Twin Cities clinics, according to health officials.

Fourteen deaths have resulted nationwide from the outbreak.

The CDC is urgently working to fight the fungal meningitis, according to the Star Tribune, but the strain isn't contagious and doesn't spread between people. Instead, it is mostly isolated to the contaminated steroid.

Officials believed they had reached about 90 percent of those who were potentially affected and researchers are working around the clock developing new tests and analyzing hundreds of samples to prevent further deaths.

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