April 27, 2009


Locally-based fashion designers work closely together within a tightly-knit social group. Together they create collaborative projects, that typically incorporate artists and designers from other disciplines. Such collaborative activities are like joint ventures that help multiple artists get exposure, opportunity and income at once. For Minnesota Fashion week, Laura Falk's fashion show Exposure was a joint effort between her, a fine artist and a graphic designer. Further, the event was produced by and was at a local theatre and used local modeling talent. Only through creating this complex network of organization could such a fashion show be produced.





April 21, 2009

collaborative activity

These highly-produced images are examples of work that comes out of collaborative efforts.



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MN Fashion

Appropriately, this week is Minnesota Fashion week. Created after the fashion weeks of fashion capitals like Paris and New York, Minnesota Fashion week is an attempt to draw attention to the local design scene. The organizers of Minnesota Fashion week say it was created with the following goals:

* Encourage fashion industry aspirants by providing the resources to accomplish their artistic and entrepreneurial goals;
* Assemble events seasonally and offer the opportunity and framework for new, creative fashion-related events;
* Promote events and fashion-centric art, raising awareness within media outlets and the general public, thereby growing participation and enthusiasm for what’s happening locally.

Through runway shows, informational seminars, in-store events, museum tours and swanky parties, MNFW showcases the very best fashion in the Twin Cities.

In the face of globalization and cultural diffusion, the role of fashion in defining a city's sense of identity has taken on greater and greater importance. Cities cultivate their own distinctive style, or at least, they are marketed as having distinctive style. Through the cultural flows of internet, travel and migration these individual scenes are increasingly influenced by each other. In fact, fashion just might be one way to distinguish what makes one city or area special or unique in a time when these very forms of exchange distribute ideas that compromise the distinctiveness of a given place or scene. As seen on street fashion blogs especially, fashion is a way to promote and celebrate the locality to a global audience. Fashion scenes seem to take on a very important role when marketing a city's local culture.

a couple of city's street fashion blogs exemplify how a city's image revolves around its people's fashion sense

Minnesota Fashion week, almost entirely based in the twin cities, is a collective effort to promote and recognize local arts and culture. For fashion week, there are many events that often coordinate with other genres like music, graphic, fine and performing arts. Collectively coming together to promote local designers, boutiques and organizations, people from various genres nourish the local art and fashion scene.