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Analysis: Leads in story about Teen Stabbing Victim

The lead that the author of the Star Tribune's story about the teenager who was stabbed at his girlfriend's house was a straightforward hard-news lead. The author used the delayed identification lead. The lead featured the who, what, when, and why. The lead itself was very general and just gave the simple facts. As the story continued, the general facts became more specific.

Mother and Daughter Sentenced for Toddler's Death

A mother and daughter were sentenced on Thursday in a Hennepin County court for the death of a toddler at their home-ran day care.
The toddler, Demar Joseph-Amir Hicks, died after he stopped breathing while at the day care of Doris Meeks, 49, and Harmony Newman, 22, reports the Star Tribune.
According to the Pioneer Press, Meeks left her daughter, Newman, at the day care to watch 23 children while she left to run errands. Hicks was strapped into his car seat in the basement where he stopped breathing.
Meeks was sentenced to serve four years and nine months in prison and Newman was sentenced to serve four years. The Star Tribune reports that both the women are planning to appeal.

Man Arrested in Antigua for Murder of American Woman

Antiguan police arrested a 24-year-old man in St. John's on Friday for the murder of a San Francisco woman.
According to Fox News, the suspect, Tishara Daniel, was caught near the scene of the crime where he was carrying the victim's camera.
The victim, Nina Nilssen, 29, was in Antigua celebrating her sister's wedding when she was stabbed on Jan. 19, as reported by Yahoo News.
Daniel confessed to stabbing Nilssen and will appear in court on Monday, reports Fox News.
According to Yahoo News, Nilssen, a grad student from San Francisco, was attacked after she left a family beach party by herself. The autopsy report said the cause of death was a stab wound to the neck.

Fire in New York City Building Kills Five

A fire that started early Saturday morning in a New York City apartment building claimed the lives of five people.
The fire caused the roof of the building to collapse and is being investigated as an arson case due to the strange location of where the fire started, according to Fox News.
Besides the deaths, four of the building's occupants were injured two of which were an infant and a child who were both thrown out of a window, reports Yahoo News.
According to Fox News, not only did the fire destroy the apartment building but it also engulfed a Japanese restaurant that was located directly under the apartments.
As reported by Yahoo News, the majority of the building's residents were poor Guatemalan immigrants.

Teenage Boy Stabbed in St. Paul

A 17-year-old boy was stabbed early Saturday morning in St. Paul.
The victim, Darius Derrick Maxwell, was stabbed multiple times by an intruder who turned out to be his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, according to the Star Tribune.
The suspect, Phillip Eugene Elphage, broke into a residence where his ex-girlfriend lived, confronted Maxwell about being the girl's boyfriend and then stabbed him multiple times, reported the Pioneer Press.
Maxwell was able to escape out of the house and the police found him lying in the street at the intersection of Maryland Avenue and Weide Street when they arrived at the scene, reports the Star Tribune. He was taken to Regions Hospital in downtown St. Paul where he died from his stab wounds a short time after arrival.
As the Pioneer Press reports, the suspect was willingly taken into custody at the crime scene.

University of Minnesota Shooting

A University of Minnesota student was shot in Minneapolis on Monday night.
The shooting was one of four total incidents that happened late Monday night in what authorities are calling a "crime spree" on the East Bank campus, according to the Pioneer Press.
The shooting victim was a 19-year-old male and, as of Tuesday, he was in "satisfactory condition," reported the Star Tribune.
According to the Pioneer Press, the police are looking for two suspects who are described as light-skinned black males.
The Star Tribune reports that the authorities hope to use the campus security camera footage to help with the investigation.

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