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Analysis: Obituary

I looked at the obituary for Scott Papillion on the Star Tribunesite. The author used Papillion's wife and a co-worker as sources for the obituary. The author did not use a standard obituary lead and I thought that the alternative lead worked well. Instead of writing his name and that he died right away, the author wrote an anecdote about Papillion. It was not until the fifth paragraph that the author wrote that Papillion had died. I think that the obituary was different from a resume because it told us about Papillion's life and accomplishments but did so in a way that was interesting and engaging instead of just listing off facts about him.

Biker Jailed After High Speed Chase

A Rochester man was arrested Saturday night after leading Wisconsin police on a high-speed chase, police said.
Police were called around 7 p.m. after drivers witnessed Christian Peterson, 22, speeding and driving his motorcycle recklessly on Interstate 94, according to the Star Tribune.
A Wisconsin state trooper located Peterson and tried to pull him over after he was clocked going 98 mph but Peterson would not stop, reports the Pioneer Press.
Instead Peterson sped up to 130 mph and the trooper gave up the chase.
Over an hour later, police learned that Peterson was at a travel center in Chippewa County where he was looking for a ride after he ditched his motorcycle, reports the Star Tribune.
Peterson was arrested at the travel center where he tried to flee from police again. He was charged with speeding, fleeing police, felony bail jumping and resisting an officer, police said, reports the Pioneer Press.

More Than 120 Miners Trapped In Flooded Mine

BEIJING-- 123 miners are trapped in a Chinese coal mine after it flooded on Sunday afternoon, officials said.
According to Press TV 261 miners were originally working in the mine but 138 of them were able to get out, officials said.
The Wangjialing coalmine is under construction and around 2:30 p.m. the mine was suddenly filled with underground water, officials say, reports the Times Online.
Rescue workers came immediately after the flood to try and free the trapped miners, reports the Times Online.
According to Press TV, Chinese coal mines are the world's deadliest because of poor safety standards.

Mom Uses Baby to Stop Car Repossession

DALLAS-- A woman was jailed Wednesday after she threw her one-year-old son into the backseat of her vehicle in an attempt to stop her SUV from being repossessed, police said.
As the Star Tribune reports, Krystal Gardner, 28, was booked on Monday and faces multiple charges including child endangerment.
The incident happened on Monday afternoon when a repossession agent, Luke Ross, went to recover Gardner's 2001 Ford Expedition from her home, police said, reports the Dallas Morning News.
According to the Star Tribune, the baby did not suffer any injuries and was given to his father after the incident.
Besides the child endangerment charge, Gardner is being held on $4000 bail for outstanding warrants, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Rescue on the Sauk River

Three young men were rescued in Rockville after their canoe tipped over on the Sauk River, authorities said.
The men were found by Stearns County deputies in a tree on the river Wednesday afternoon, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to the Star Tribune, the men were stranded for 1 1/2 before help arrived.
The men told authorities the canoe capsized after the current pushed them into the tree from which they were rescued, reports the Pioneer Press.
The men were able to leave the scene after they were rescued by local firefighters, the Star Tribune reports.

Prince Owes More Than $500K in Back Taxes

A notice published on March 18 in the Chaska Herald said Prince owes Carver County more than $500,000 in back taxes.
According to the Pioneer Press, a little over $220,000 of the bill is for a single property that Prince owns in Chanhassen.
According to Carver County officials, Prince was sent a notification about his delinquent taxes on Feb. 15. and has not responded to the county, reports the Star Tribune.
County officials said Prince has been late paying taxes before in both 2006 and 2008, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to reports published in 1995, Prince has also had financial issues with creditors, the Star Tribune reports.

Five People Wounded in California Apartment Shooting

POMONA, Calif.-- Five people were shot Saturday night at a Southern California apartment complex, police said.
According to the Star Tribune , an armed man opened fire on a group of people who were having a courtyard party, police said.
Three men and two women were shot and taken to a local hospital. Two of the victims are in serious condition, police said, reports Los Angeles Times.
The male suspect fled on foot after the shootings. Police are investigating the crime, reports the Star Tribune.

Teenager Boy Was Stabbed to Death While Attending Party

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.-- A high school soccer player died after being stabbed while attending a massive birthday party Saturday night, police said.
Conor Reynolds, 17, was stabbed in the neck outside of a restaurant where 250 people gathered for a party, police said, reports the Star Tribune.
According to the WBZ TV, another 17-year-old was stabbed in the arm and taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released, police said.
According to WBZ TV, many of the party-goers were underage and had been drinking prior to arriving at the party, police said.
Authorities have made no arrests and have no suspects as of Sunday, reports the Star Tribune.

A motorist helped deliver a Rochester woman's baby when they got stuck in end-of-the-workday traffic Thursday afternoon.
Nicole Engler, 29, and her husband were a few blocks away from the hospital when their baby started to arrive and they had to pull over to the side of the road, reports the Pioneer Press.
Engler's husband flagged down a police officer to help them and that's when Deb Ristau, 43, who is a volunteer emergency medical technician, saw the stopped cars and helped deliver the baby boy, reports the Post-Bullentin.
According to the Pioneer Press, other motorists also stopped and offered sweatshirts and blankets to help keep the newborn warm.
After the delivery, mother and son were taken via ambulance to the nearby hospital, reports the Post-Bulletin.

Avalanche Kills Two in Canada

d K REVELSTOKE, British Columbia-- Two people died Saturday after an avalanche struck a snowmobiling competition on Boulder Mountain, authorities said.
According to the Star Tribune, the avalanche may have been caused by three snowmobilers and crushed down on more than 200 people, police said.
Canine search units were used by emergency crews to locate survivors, reports CNN.
Thirty people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals, authorities said, reports the Star Tribune.

Man Fires Shots at Vehicle That Hit His Car

Gunfire broke out at a Burnsville gas station early Saturday morning after a car accident, police said.
According to the Pioneer Press, Marcus Alexander Rollins, 29, was arrested after he fired shots into the Dodge Durango that crashed into his car at the SuperAmerica located at County Roads 5 and 42, police said.
The Dodge Durango, which was driven by a male and carrying two 15-year-old girl passengers, hit Rollins car at the gas pumps around 2:45 a.m., police said, reports the Star Tribune.
One of the girls was mildly injured and taken to a nearby hospital, police said, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to the Star Tribune, Rollins was taken to a Dakota County jail and charged with assault, police said.

Analysis: Speeches

I found a news article that covered the press conference that Gov. Tim Pawlenty held on Friday to talk about the health care compromise that was reached with legislators. When I compared the news story to the press release about the conference, I noticed several differences. First of all, the press release was rather short and only gave the facts of the agreement. Also there was only one quote and no background. The news story on the other hand was longer in length and followed the classic speech lead. The reporter gave the facts and used several quotes and background information. I liked the news story better than the press release because the story seemed to explain what was going on whereas the press release just threw out a bunch of facts and numbers.

Six-year-old Girl Killed on Freeway

A six-year-old girl was killed on Friday night after a sport utility vehicle hit her on the freeway in Burnsville, police said.
Kallie Palmer was playing at a friend's house near Interstate 35W when she walked into traffic around 7:15 p.m., police said, reports the Pioneer Press.
A State Patrol spokesman, Lt. Eric Roeske, said that authorities are unsure why the girl went on the freeway, reports the Star Tribune.
Melvin Janssen, 61, of Cold Spring, Minn. was the driver of the SUV that hit Palmer. Authorities do not believe that Janssen was drinking, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to the Star Tribune, southbound lanes on 35W were closed until 9:15 p.m. while authorities investigated the accident.

Bus Crash Kills Six, Injures 15 in Arizona

SACATON, Ariz.-- Six people died and 15 others were injured Friday after a passenger bus crashed on the interstate, police said.
According to the Pioneer Press, the accident occurred on Interstate 10 approximately 25 miles outside of Phoenix when the bus was hit by another car and then rolled, police said.
The names of two men and four women who died after they were thrown from the bus have not been released, police said, reports the Associated Press.
Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said that the injured passengers were taken to various hospitals. Five were flown out in helicopters and 10 were taken by ambulance, reports the Pioneer Press.
The Associated Press reports that another accident happened as a result of the bus crash when a pickup was hit by a sedan. One person was injured, police said.

Rogue Wave Hits Cruise Ship and Kills Two

BARCELONA, Spain-- Two people died on Wednesday after a 26-foot rogue wave slammed into a cruise ship that was sailing on the Mediterranean, officials said.
According to Yahoo News, Greek coast guard officials said that six additional people suffered mild injuries from the crash.
The cruise ship, Louis Majesty, was sailing to Genoa, Italy carrying 2,000 passengers when the wave hit, reports Associated Content.
The names of the deceased victims have not been released, reports Yahoo News.
According to the Associated Content, the ship went to Barcelona for emergency docking after the accident where ambulances were waiting to take the injured to the hospital, officials said.

Man Gets Sentenced 7 1/2 Years Prison For Molesting Girl

A Saint Paul man was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison on Wednesday for molesting a 9-year-old girl.
According to the Pioneer Press, John F. Knudson, 69, was also ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.
Five years of Knudson's sentence must be served in prison and with the remaining time will be spent on supervised released, reports the Star Tribune.
Knudson pleaded guilty of second-degree criminal sexual conduct on Nov. 25 for the Oct. 3 incident and will receive credit for 145 days served, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to court documents, Knudson was in Iris Park in St. Paul on Oct. 3 when he kidnapped the girl and molested her in the woods. The kidnapping charges were dropped, as reported by the Star Tribune.
According to the Pioneer Press, Knudson has had a criminal record of sex offenses since 1963.

Ex-Scout Leader Caught Stealing From Troop

An ex-Girl Scout leader from Mendota Heights was charged on Wednesday for stealing $8,200 from her daughters' chapter and troop, police said.
According to the Star Tribune, Joleen M. Hopkins, 54, was charged with two felony counts of thief by swindle and four counts of theft in a Dakota County District Court.
According to court documents, at least half of the stolen money was from the Girl Scout's cookie sales, as reported by the Pioneer Press.
Hopkins used the Scout's account to write checks for food, gas, and the casino during 2008 and 2009, reports the Star Tribune.
Hopkins was placed on probation in September for stealing $700 in food stamps in 2007, reports the Pioneer Press.

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