Violence Breaks Out at Neo-Nazi Rally in LA

LOS ANGELES-- A Neo-Nazi rally at held in Los Angeles Saturday ended in mass counter-protest and violence, police said.
Approximately forty white supremacists from the National Socialist Movement gathered on City Hall's yard Saturday afternoon to protest illegal immigration, reports the Associated Press.
The Neo-Nazis were met by a crowd of about 500 counter-protestors, some of which had heard about the rally through Twitter, who came to promote peace instead of hate, reports the Los Angeles Times.
As the Neo-Nazis chanted racial slurs, the counter-protestors drowned them out by shouting "racists go home" and threw rocks at them, officials said, reports the Associated Press.
By the end of the rally, two Neo-Nazis were treated and released after being beaten by counter-protestors and five were arrested for throwing rocks, police said, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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