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Deadly Hot Air Balloon Crash in Emirates

Two people died Sunday after the hot air balloon they were traveling in crashed in the United Arab Emirates, officials said.
The balloon was carrying a total of 14 people and one other passenger was seriously injured, reports BBC News.
According to a spokesperson from the Balloon Adventures Emirates (BAE), the balloon took off early Sunday morning. Soon after take-off, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing because the wind had grown significantly stronger, reports ABC News.
According to BAE, this is first accident the company has had in its five years of operation, reports BBC News.

Earthquake Hits Papua New Guinea

A strong earthquake hit Papua New Guinea Sunday morning, officials said.
According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake happened on the east coast in the Pacific Island Nation around 9:15 a.m., reports the Vancouver Sun.
Officials said there have been no deaths reported so far and a tsunami alert was not issued, reports BBC News.
There were reports from the residents in the city of Lae, located approximately 18 miles east from the earthquake's epicenter, that they felt the quake but they did not report any collapsed buildings or homes said officials from the National Disaster Centre, according to the Vancouver Sun.
Papua New Guinea has a long history of being hit by earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic activity, reports BBC News.

Rio Mudslide Buries At Least 200 People

RIO DE JANEIRO-- A mudslide buried at least 200 people alive Wednesday night near Rio de Janeiro, authorities said.
The mudslide hit a slum area in the city of Niteroi late Wednesday night, instantly burying 50 homes, authorities said, reports the Times Online.
The Pioneer Press reports according to Pedro Machado, subsecretary of Rio state's Civil Defense department, all 200 people are feared to be dead because experience shows that being caught in a mudslide is "an instant death."
According to officials, 153 people have already died in floods since Monday due to record rainfalls.
The Rio authorities are going to force people out of homes in high-risk areas in an attempt to prevent more deaths, reports the Pioneer Press.

Nine Miners Rescued in China

XIANGNING, China-- Nine people were rescued from a flooded coal mine Monday after being trapped for over a week, officials said.
According to the Star Tribune, the miners were rescued 179 hours after the Wangjialing mine originally flooded.
According to officials, the survivors were severely dehydrated upon rescue but had normal heart rates and blood pressure, reports VOA News.
Nearly 3,000 people have been working nonstop to pump water out of the mine since it flooded March 28, reports the Star Tribune.
There are 144 workers who have still not been rescued, officials said, reports VOA News.

More Than 120 Miners Trapped In Flooded Mine

BEIJING-- 123 miners are trapped in a Chinese coal mine after it flooded on Sunday afternoon, officials said.
According to Press TV 261 miners were originally working in the mine but 138 of them were able to get out, officials said.
The Wangjialing coalmine is under construction and around 2:30 p.m. the mine was suddenly filled with underground water, officials say, reports the Times Online.
Rescue workers came immediately after the flood to try and free the trapped miners, reports the Times Online.
According to Press TV, Chinese coal mines are the world's deadliest because of poor safety standards.

Avalanche Kills Two in Canada

d K REVELSTOKE, British Columbia-- Two people died Saturday after an avalanche struck a snowmobiling competition on Boulder Mountain, authorities said.
According to the Star Tribune, the avalanche may have been caused by three snowmobilers and crushed down on more than 200 people, police said.
Canine search units were used by emergency crews to locate survivors, reports CNN.
Thirty people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals, authorities said, reports the Star Tribune.

Rogue Wave Hits Cruise Ship and Kills Two

BARCELONA, Spain-- Two people died on Wednesday after a 26-foot rogue wave slammed into a cruise ship that was sailing on the Mediterranean, officials said.
According to Yahoo News, Greek coast guard officials said that six additional people suffered mild injuries from the crash.
The cruise ship, Louis Majesty, was sailing to Genoa, Italy carrying 2,000 passengers when the wave hit, reports Associated Content.
The names of the deceased victims have not been released, reports Yahoo News.
According to the Associated Content, the ship went to Barcelona for emergency docking after the accident where ambulances were waiting to take the injured to the hospital, officials said.

Massive Earthquake Rocks Chile and Kills Hundreds

Several hundred people died on Saturday in Chile due to one of the biggest earthquakes on recorded history, officials said.
According to the Pioneer Press, at least 214 people died in the earthquake but the number is expected to rise, officials said.
Authorities said the earthquake had an 8.8 magnitude and affected 1.5 million Chileans, reports the .
The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, has a declared the county a "state of catastrophe" but has not asked for help from any other countries so far, reports the Pioneer Press.
After the initial earthquake, at least 90 aftershocks with magnitudes of 5 above continued to shake the nation, official said, reports the Star Tribune.

Belgian Deadly Train Crash

A collision of two commuter trains in Belgian killed at least 18 people on Monday, railway officials said.
One of the trains ran a red light and then crashed into the other train at the Halle station, officials say, reports BBC News.
According to the Star Tribune, officials are investigating if the collision was a result of the icy weather or due to human error.
Between the two trains, officials estimate there to have been 250 to 300 passengers, reports BBC News.
The Star Tribune reports besides the 18 dead, at least 80 people were seriously hurt in the crash. The death toll has not yet been confirmed, officials say.

A Bombing in India Kills Eight

A terrorist bomb exploded on Saturday and killed eight people in an Indian bakery.
The bomb went off Saturday evening at the German Bakery which is located in Pume, India, reports the Star Tribune.
According to Yahoo News, the explosion also injured 42 people.
As the Star Tribune reports, the bomb is the first terrorist act in India since the 2008 attack in Mumbai which killed 173 people.
The bomb was suspected to be hidden in an unopened package that was left at the bakery, reports Yahoo News.

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