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Deadly Tornado in Mississippi

YAZOO CITY, Miss.-- A tornado that hit Mississippi on Saturday killed at least 10 people in Yazoo City, officials said.
Humvees and Blackhawk helicopters carrying nearly 40 National Guard members patrolled Yazoo City on Sunday to search for survivors, reports the New York Times.
The tornado was almost a mile wide and hit Yazoo and Choctaw Counties the hardest, according to rescue and assessment crews, reports CNN News.
According to Gov. Haley Barbour, the tornado destroyed at least 100 homes in Yazoo County and 38 in Choctaw County, reports the New York Times.
According to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, in addition to the 10 deaths, 33 people were injured, as reported by CNN News.

New Jersey High School Students Punished for Food Fight

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.-- Cafeteria workers at a New Jersey high school punished students earlier this week who started a food fight by serving them only cheese sandwiches for lunch.
According to School Superintendent Fredrick Nickles, the punishment has worked well over the years and is only used when food fights have broke out, reports the Star Tribune.
Nickles said only the students involved in the food fight were served the plain cheese sandwiches on Wednesday and Thursday, reports USA Today.
The Star Tribune reports not everyone thinks the punishment is fair. One parent referred to the sandwiches as "prison food."

Seven Shot in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS-- Seven people were injured in a shooting near the French Quarter late Saturday night, police said.
Police said six of the victims were bystanders and it was a 17-year-old boy who was the intended victim, reports CNN.
According to UPI, the unidentified 17-year-old was shot in the stomach and was taken to a local hospital where he was to stay overnight, police said.
UPI reports the other six victims were not seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital, police said.

Search for Missing Girl Continues

GREELEY, Colo.-- The search for a missing girl continues as authorites plan on searching the lake near her home and interviewing motorists, police said.
Authorities are still searching for Kayleah Wilson, 12, who went missing after she left home on March 28 to walk to a friend's birthday party, police said, reports the Star Tribune.
The FBI, the Weld County Sheriff's Posse mounted unit, and the Greeley police are searching five local locations, including a lake, according to a Greeley police spokesman, reports the Denver Post.
The authorities plan to stop motorists today and interview them to see if they can get any new information regarding the missing girl, reports the Star Tribune.
Besides police and FBI, various members of the community have also joined in on the search, reports the Denver Post.

Mom Uses Baby to Stop Car Repossession

DALLAS-- A woman was jailed Wednesday after she threw her one-year-old son into the backseat of her vehicle in an attempt to stop her SUV from being repossessed, police said.
As the Star Tribune reports, Krystal Gardner, 28, was booked on Monday and faces multiple charges including child endangerment.
The incident happened on Monday afternoon when a repossession agent, Luke Ross, went to recover Gardner's 2001 Ford Expedition from her home, police said, reports the Dallas Morning News.
According to the Star Tribune, the baby did not suffer any injuries and was given to his father after the incident.
Besides the child endangerment charge, Gardner is being held on $4000 bail for outstanding warrants, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Teenager Boy Was Stabbed to Death While Attending Party

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.-- A high school soccer player died after being stabbed while attending a massive birthday party Saturday night, police said.
Conor Reynolds, 17, was stabbed in the neck outside of a restaurant where 250 people gathered for a party, police said, reports the Star Tribune.
According to the WBZ TV, another 17-year-old was stabbed in the arm and taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released, police said.
According to WBZ TV, many of the party-goers were underage and had been drinking prior to arriving at the party, police said.
Authorities have made no arrests and have no suspects as of Sunday, reports the Star Tribune.

Bus Crash Kills Six, Injures 15 in Arizona

SACATON, Ariz.-- Six people died and 15 others were injured Friday after a passenger bus crashed on the interstate, police said.
According to the Pioneer Press, the accident occurred on Interstate 10 approximately 25 miles outside of Phoenix when the bus was hit by another car and then rolled, police said.
The names of two men and four women who died after they were thrown from the bus have not been released, police said, reports the Associated Press.
Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said that the injured passengers were taken to various hospitals. Five were flown out in helicopters and 10 were taken by ambulance, reports the Pioneer Press.
The Associated Press reports that another accident happened as a result of the bus crash when a pickup was hit by a sedan. One person was injured, police said.

Teacher Shot and Killed By Stalker

TACOMA, Wash.-- A special-education teacher died after being shot outside of the school where she worked on Friday morning, police said.
According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Jennifer Paulson, 30, was shot three times in the parking lot of Birney Elementary by a man who had been stalking her, police said.
The suspect, Jed R. Waits, 30, fled the scene after the shooting and died after a police shootout approximately 10 miles away from the school, police said, as reported by Yahoo News.
According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Waits was arrested last Friday for violating a restraining order that Paulson had obtained in September 2009 against him. He was released on Monday when he posted bail, police said.

Possible Search of Mississippi River to Find Missing Student

LA CROSSE, Wis.-- After finding footprints on the ice of the Mississippi River, police are deciding whether they will search the river for a missing student as of Monday morning.
According to the Star Tribune, Craig J. Meyers, 21, a student at Western Technical College, went missing on Sunday morning around 2 a.m. after he spent Saturday night drinking at a wedding reception and two local bars, police said.
Meyers was dropped off on the 700 block of Market Street by his cousin around 2 a.m., police said, as reports the Pioneer Press.
La Crosse Police Capt. Rob Abraham said that the river might not be searched because the conditions are dangerous, reports the Star Tribune.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- A professor who opened fire on her colleagues on Friday is no stranger to violence.
According to the Star Tribune, Amy Bishop had shot and killed her brother at their home in Massachusetts back in 1986.
The death of her brother was determined an accident at the time, reports the Pioneer Press.
No charges were filed against Bishop in the 1986 shooting but the case may be reviewed by authorities due to the recent shooting and deaths of three of Bishop's colleagues at the University of Alabama, reports the Star Tribune.
According to the Pioneer Press, Bishop went to a faculty meeting and starting shooting her colleagues because she was angry that she got denied tenure.
As the Star Tribune reports, the university was unaware of Bishop's past shooting incident.

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