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Man Dies on New York Sidewalk

A homeless man lay dying on a sidewalk in New York as dozens of people walked by and ignored him last week, police said.
Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax, 31, was stabbed in the chest several times on April 18 as he tried to save a woman from a mugger, police said, reports ABC News.
According to police, Tale-Yax's last hour was spent lying on a sidewalk in Queens as dozens passed by and ignored him. Finally, a man turned him over, saw the stab wounds and called 911, police said, reports the New York Times.
Michael Bradley, a psychologist, said Tale-Yax was probably ignored because Americans are desensitized to violence, reports ABC News.

Violence Breaks Out at Neo-Nazi Rally in LA

LOS ANGELES-- A Neo-Nazi rally at held in Los Angeles Saturday ended in mass counter-protest and violence, police said.
Approximately forty white supremacists from the National Socialist Movement gathered on City Hall's yard Saturday afternoon to protest illegal immigration, reports the Associated Press.
The Neo-Nazis were met by a crowd of about 500 counter-protestors, some of which had heard about the rally through Twitter, who came to promote peace instead of hate, reports the Los Angeles Times.
As the Neo-Nazis chanted racial slurs, the counter-protestors drowned them out by shouting "racists go home" and threw rocks at them, officials said, reports the Associated Press.
By the end of the rally, two Neo-Nazis were treated and released after being beaten by counter-protestors and five were arrested for throwing rocks, police said, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Two Arrested After Hopkins Robbery

Two men were arrested Monday in connection with a robbery of a Hopkins residence, police said.
Demetrius Lavell Sydnor, 22, and Robert Wilford Fields III, 19, both of Brooklyn Center, were arrested Monday after they broke into a Hopkins home and taped the couple who lives there to their bed, reports the Star Tribune.
According to police, the two men used guns to force their way into the home in an attempt to rob the couple, reports WCCO News.
Police were called by a neighbor who witnessed the men lurking around the neighborhood for approximately 20 minutes before they approached the house, reports the Star Tribune.
WCCO News reports no one was seriously injured during the robbery.

Rock Bottom Brewery Helps Feed Needy

Needy families enjoyed a free holiday meal Sunday thanks to a local restaurant.
The Rock Bottom Brewery restaurant, located in downtown Minneapolis, served a traditional Easter meal to nearly 300 families in need, reports WCCO News.
This is the third year in a row the restaurant has opened its doors to families in need on Easter, said the Jim Gose, one of the restaurant's managing partners, reports the Star Tribune.
According to WCCO News, not only did the restaurant provide food to the families but they also made sure the Easter Bunny was on hand to visit with the children.

Biker Jailed After High Speed Chase

A Rochester man was arrested Saturday night after leading Wisconsin police on a high-speed chase, police said.
Police were called around 7 p.m. after drivers witnessed Christian Peterson, 22, speeding and driving his motorcycle recklessly on Interstate 94, according to the Star Tribune.
A Wisconsin state trooper located Peterson and tried to pull him over after he was clocked going 98 mph but Peterson would not stop, reports the Pioneer Press.
Instead Peterson sped up to 130 mph and the trooper gave up the chase.
Over an hour later, police learned that Peterson was at a travel center in Chippewa County where he was looking for a ride after he ditched his motorcycle, reports the Star Tribune.
Peterson was arrested at the travel center where he tried to flee from police again. He was charged with speeding, fleeing police, felony bail jumping and resisting an officer, police said, reports the Pioneer Press.

Five People Wounded in California Apartment Shooting

POMONA, Calif.-- Five people were shot Saturday night at a Southern California apartment complex, police said.
According to the Star Tribune , an armed man opened fire on a group of people who were having a courtyard party, police said.
Three men and two women were shot and taken to a local hospital. Two of the victims are in serious condition, police said, reports Los Angeles Times.
The male suspect fled on foot after the shootings. Police are investigating the crime, reports the Star Tribune.

Six-year-old Girl Killed on Freeway

A six-year-old girl was killed on Friday night after a sport utility vehicle hit her on the freeway in Burnsville, police said.
Kallie Palmer was playing at a friend's house near Interstate 35W when she walked into traffic around 7:15 p.m., police said, reports the Pioneer Press.
A State Patrol spokesman, Lt. Eric Roeske, said that authorities are unsure why the girl went on the freeway, reports the Star Tribune.
Melvin Janssen, 61, of Cold Spring, Minn. was the driver of the SUV that hit Palmer. Authorities do not believe that Janssen was drinking, reports the Pioneer Press.
According to the Star Tribune, southbound lanes on 35W were closed until 9:15 p.m. while authorities investigated the accident.

Pittsburgh Man Dies After 911 Ignores Calls

PITTSBURGH-- A fifty-year-old man died in his home after multiple calls to 911 went unanswered, officials said.
According to Yahoo News, Curtis Mitchell, 50, called 911 on Feb. 6 requesting an ambulance for severe abdominal pain. Thirty hours and 10 calls later, no one came and Mitchell died.
The calls were made during a snowstorm and the reason given as to why the paramedics never came was because they could not get through the snow, reports CBS News.
Pittsburgh officials said they are conducting an investigation as to why the paramedics didn't respond and how they can change the emergency services system, reports Yahoo News.

Three Teens Die After Being Hit by Train

MELBOURNE, Fla.-- Three teenage girls were killed on Saturday after they were hit by a train while crossing a bridge, police said.
A fourth teen boy, who was with the girls, made it off the bridge in time, police said, reports the Star Tribune.
The accident happened around 6:30 p.m. on the Crane Creek Bridge. The police are not sure why the teens were on the bridge in the first place, according to WFTV News.
The teens were on the middle of the bridge when the train hit them. Witnesses said that they yelled to the teens to jump off into the water but only the boy got away, according to the Star Tribune.
Police are investigating the accident and the names of the victims have not been released, reports WFTV News.

Michigan Fire Kills Four Children

FLINT, Mich.-- A fire that started in an apartment building late Saturday night killed four children.
According to the Star Tribune, the fire started after the babysitter fell asleep while cooking.
Neighbors saw smoke coming from the apartment and tried to wake the occupants, reports the Flint Journal.
Only the babysitter, a 28-year-old man, survived the fire by climbing out of a window, according to the Star Tribune.
Firefighters unsuccessfully attempted to save one of the children by getting her to jump out of a second-story window. The children were all under the age of five, reports the Star Tribune.

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