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Energy in the City.

I believe that energy and flow is very evident and alive in our cities. They are cleary shown in our forms of transportation routes. The streets can wind and twist to almost any part of the city. Some of them are even more twisted and complex then some rivers. Buildings also show energy and life. The older ones give off a feeling of the past. They make you stop and think what events that they have stood and weathered. Some of the newer buildings may also have lights and moving part incorporated into them to give them that feel of movement. They concept of transformation is also very evident. It is evident due to the fact that we keep changing our roads and buildings. If one object has grown outdated we tend to either tear it down and build something new in its place or we remodel it to suit our current needs. There is also terrible events that can transform the area such as accidents storms. These events seem to have an energy of their own. However they also seem to give the city and everything in it some of that energy. This clearly seen by the people scrambling for cover of buildings and trees being damaged by the winds. After these storms flow can be seen by the people trying to clear up the wreckage. All of these things together make up part of what we perceive as our city. It is a giant thing that has energy, flow and a sense of transformation. All of which can be viewed on a single walk, or ride down one of its many bustling streets or walkways.