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Diary entry for the 28th day of February of the 2008 year,

I have had it. This architectural school program is driving me crazy. I am constantly being asked to do things that to me make no sense. As I was sitting trying to complete another one of these tasks my mind, like normal, couldn't help but drift to a random thought. The thought was what would I do if I were free from this whole school entrapment.

The first thought was that I would probably burn all the books that are such a burden to me. Who cares if this was harmful to the environment. I might just say that it was my artistic way of showing the pain in my life. Thank you Andy Goldsworthy for inspiring me with temporary art work. books.jpg

Then I took the thought a little further, mainly due to the fact that it had sparked an interest and distraction from my readings. I thought that I would probably go find a piece of land in northern Minnesota.
An area near the North Shore.

There I would design the house/Mansion of my dreams in the North Shore area. I would of course need to cut done some of the trees, but I would probably try to use them in the construction of something for this estate of mine. It would be glorious, a huge mansion were I could enjoy the splendor and majesty of the landscape of the the North shore. It would very similar to Frank Gehry's Falling Water.Western_Penn_Falling_Water.jpg

However, this sparked another thought. What would I do in this great mansion of mine. The idea of throwing massive parties was at first appealing, but then I remembered that they can be really damaging to personal property so I threw that out. As more time passed, a new thought struck me. Maybe I could start up an organization that would help raise awareness for environmental concerns. I became mildly excited with this idea until I remembered that I would be doing this from my mansion that had been cut of the forest.

It was at this point I started to doodle, and it hit me. I would more than likely draw and paint the scenes that I saw in the area. With these pictures, and paintings I could be able to help collect donations for nature preserves. It was a thought that greatly excited me. I love to draw, and be in nature and here was an opportunity for me to do both. I could even help the environment be selling them. It seemed like a win win situation. That is until I woke up from day dream by the fact that it was now 2 in the morning and I still had to read 3 chapters.

I am very tired, so if I no longer show up to classes I might just have decided to go through with this crazy plan of mine.
until the next entry