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Diary entry for the 20th day of February in the Year 2008,
Today I have discovered what my goal is for my term project. I have been placed into the group that is dedicated to ending poverty and world hunger. At a first glance I thought that this was going to be a difficult one. After a little research I discovered that it will be infact extremely difficult. I saw many images such as this one.

They are all just as disturbing as this one. Some of them are even worse. I know that it is because of these images that groups such as Band Aid created songs to support these children and people. One of the most famous is Do they know its Christmas. I discovered that 50 percent of total sales for this song are donated to charities that help the starving. I thought that this was a remarkable thing, but also one that discouraged me. If a group of superstars, albeit in the 80’s, could not make a difference how then could I. I was thinking this when I typed in starving children in Africa into the Google Machine. I was expecting more walking skeleton images that would inspire me to give it my best shot anyways. However I found this image.

It made me change my mind instantly. If we can do this to our children then I know that we, as a country, can do something to help the other people. For example this family might consider stopping at three number 1’s instead of the normal 6 number ones. They could then send the unused money to a charity. This would help both peoples, this kid might not die of a heart attack by the age of 14, and the kids in Africa might live to be 12.
Until the next entry,