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Final Assignment

Diary entry for the 17 day of March in the 2008 year,

Today I was thinking of ways to present the information that I have been gathering. one of the first that I thought of was assembling the the data into the form of a book such as this one.

One advantage of this is that all of the information would be located in a convenient form, and we could incorporate anything we found into it. However the drawback is that it would cost a lot of money, and it would not be the most effective way to spread information. This is a result of not many people reading books on how to solve world hunger that are written by college students.

Another way to present the information would be to create a blog. such as this one.
However, while it has all the positives of the book idea, and the bonus of it being free, it does have its set of drawbacks. for example it would be hard for people to find it especially if they are not sure of the title.

My group might also consider giving a presentation with a powerpoint. This is appealing due to the cost of it, and the fact that we would be able to answer any questions that might arise from the audience. However the drawback of this approach is that we would need to be there to make it truely effective. This is a problem for the future.

One last way I thought we might inform people about our data, is by writting a letter. We are trying to fix a company in Africa so they can better serve the people. What better way to due this then to write a letter.

Well I am currently out of ideas and time so I will have to leave this topic and consult with my group. until the next entry.