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Our Enviroment

Diary entry for the sixth of March in the 2008 year,

I have noticed something. At first I didn't even realize it but, after a while it really sank in. We are affected a great deal by our built environment. It can be both a positive effect and a negative affect. It can both make us love life and at the same time it can make us wish we were never born.

I thought of this when I was looking at the different home that people live in. One of the first I saw was that of a mansion. I thought immediatley that the people that live there are either really important or wealthy. Possibly even both. It dawned on me that the people that live there also probably think that. So this built environment has the effect of making people feel important or wealthy. If that is good thing I guess is best left to the actions of the residents to define.


Then I saw an image of a shack. My initial thoughts of this were almost the opposite of that when I saw the mansion. I thought that people in the shack are probably not the most important people in the world and definitely no the most wealthy people. Their environment forces this thought more on them the mansion does on its owner, in my opinion. To say that it detracts who you are might be a stretch though.


I then started to think, what types of buildings define who I am. I lived in a rural area growing up so that meant three things. The first was I spent a lot of time in barns. I was a worker and that was where a lot of the work was. As a child I also played in these barns a great deal. They definitely define you as a farmer, or hick.


Second, I went to church every week with my family. This my church was that of a simpler, but strong building type. This affected me in more ways than one. It sparked an interest in me for the older types of buildings and it also gave me a religion. This is probably one of the most important things in my life. I am a Lutheran so you will have to decide for yourself if that either added or detracted to me.


And lastly I grew up in an area that had an equation to figure out the number of buildings in a town. If there were more than three houses next to each other they needed a church. and if there was a church there was a minimum of two bars in that town for every church. so needless to say I saw a lot of and spent a lot of time in bars. This affected me in ways that can not be described. Lets just say that when you are the designated driver, you see things that the drunks dont. Because of this I dont drink that much.


So, I am pretty sure that the that built environment is phenomena that constantly affects you. It can be during a short visit to a place, or the extended stay in a mansion or shack. either way it can get down to your soul, and change you forever, or maybe just scratch you on the surface and open the way for something else. either way I have something to ponder on. Until the next entry into this mad rant.