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Goal 7

I thought they had a very interesting set up. They were covering sustainability which is a pretty big field to cover. It reaches into many different paths. I thought that they really emphasized this with the way that they presented their data. They created a web of all the info and made it appear to just keep expanding out. It was very creative, however I did not like the way that they connected it. I know that it was sustainable, but I still thought that is looked a little sloppy. The issues that they covered varied. some of them I had heard about before. For example when they said that you should try to by food that is grown closer to you. I have heard this numerous times. However they did add that on average our food is grown I think 1500 miles from where you buy it. This does make it seem like it would be cheaper to buy food that is locally grown rather then elsewhere. The group also touched on the points of global warming, water, and the ways to reduce/ ways to be more sustainable. I will be honest when I say that nothing that they told me really surprised me or was new to me. I have heard much of the same facts before. For example I believe that they said that some people dont believe in Global warming. Those people just think that it is a warming trend in the Earth. I knew this from other classes I have been taking. They did not at least to me seem to talk much about their group Northwest association. To sum up there presentation I liked their format for the booklet, just not the material that was binding it, and the their data was mildly new for me. Meaning that I had heard a majority of it before.