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this group focused on the energy. I must say that I thought the way that they explained. To take out all of the unnecessary work and just have pure information. I have been looking all year. I think that they should push it towards all of the other companies. However there is one drawback to this style. They gave just brief overviews of what they did. They wanted me to go through there folder. Which if I was not in class I would have done. But since I wasn't I did not go through and thus did not learn any of there specifics. The brief overview of what they did I know that they looked at technologies that focused on being sustainable with the environment. I think that from the brief glimpses that I saw they had some very interesting things/concepts. There packet seemed to fit in well with the style they were pushing. Everything you need in a small convient package. It also suggests that it skips all the useless info by being very plain and transparent. I thought they did a great job, baring the fact that I did not read all of what they had.