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February 20, 2008

What's With the Weather?

So the weather is being strange again. And it's getting annoying. Last week it was cold. Like single digits, to low teens cold. Then over the weekend it was absolutly gorgous. It was 34ish degrees and sunny. I went down town and wore my jean jacket. Then, sunday night the wind blew and brought the cold back. I went to class today and it was -12 at 8 am. A bit chilly if you ask me. And that was without the wind chill. And now according to the forcast, this coming weekend it's going to be in the 30's again, followed by a 10 degree temp drop on Tuesday. It's funny how the weather keeps getting warm on the weekends, like it knows that we don't have to go anywhere, so it might as well get warm, but, o wait, it's a weekday now, and everyone it going to be outside going to class, it should be cold now. Crazy weather. I can't wait for spring. It will be so nice. I wont need to wear 5 layers and carry around a big bulky jacket. And I'll be able to wear a different pair of shoes. I only have on pair of shoes that covers my whole foot and doesn't let the wind in, besides my boots. So wearing different shoes, even sandles will be nice. O the sweatshirt weather. Hurry up and get here.

February 13, 2008

CRU Dinner and Dance for Valentine's Day

6a the ahs girls.jpg Last Saturday was the CRU Valentine's Dinner and Dance. It was so much fun. Sami and I went over to Bailey to get ready. I have never taken so short a time to get ready for a dance. I was ready in half an hour, a whole hour early. There were twelve of us getting ready up there. Then at 6 o'clock four guys pulled up to the door to take us all to the dinner and dance. Turns out it was at the Neuman center. They had decorated it so pretty. There were candles on all the tables, black table cloths, red ribbons and hearts, white lights on the columns. It was lovely. then they (the guys) served all us gals dinner. First a salad, then chicken, rice, and asparagus with a yummy sauce, then for dessert a giant strawberry and two chocolate truffles. Yum Yum. After dinner, some of the tables were cleared away, and a DJ started playing the music. He played so many good songs. It was a blast. We had our driver take us back to Bailey around midnight. By then, it was too late to get back to Middlebrook because the last connector runs at midnight. So Sami and I had an impromptu sleepover at Julia's. Oh, and FYI, on sunday mornings, the first connector doesn't come until 9:30, not 9. So we had to go straight to church instead of going back to MBH first. It was FREEZING outside. brrrrrr.
14 silly face.jpgIt was amazing though. The guys came and picked us up and the dropped us at the door, where more guys would escort us in and take our jackets. Then they served us dinner that they made. Then they put on a dance, and took us home when we got tired. It was the ultimate night of chivalry.

February 10, 2008


Winter solitude.
In a world of one color
the sound of wind.

February 8, 2008

O Library, full of books, how I have missed thee

I went to the library today. It was glorious. the library is huge, and beautiful, and full of life, and calm, and peaceful, and humming, and there are books everywhere... and there, I did homework. Sami and I found some comfy chairs on third floor by the sheet music files and the music CD's. the sound of ppl flipping through the cases was rather calming. We sat there for about an hour and a half and did homework. I was really productive. Got a lot of math done. it was good. Then...I got a LIBRARY CARD!! I feel connected now. The only problem with having a library card is that I don't really have time to read the books I might check out.
Then tonight, I subed for hockey band at a women's game. I thought it was a lot of fun, but hockey band didn't like it at all. I suppose i enjoyed it because I can't compare it to a men's game. Hopefully I will get to sub for one of those too. Oh, we played Ohio State and beat them 7 to 3.

The Lights

I find this picture captivating and beautiful. I could look at it for hours.
I wish I could remember where I found it.

February 7, 2008



Where is this mystical city in the lights, a city from another dimension, that holds the secrets? I wish to find it, so it will answer my queries...

February 4, 2008

Fresh Dirt, Clean Air, Glittering Stars

In discussion today for my class The Designed Environment, we were asked what we consider to be our "dwelling"? Do we consider Minneapolis our dwelling? If not, where is our dwelling?

My dwelling is back home in the little town of Merton, just north of North Lake. It is where my home is... pale blue with a couple ponds, some horses, my family...

I can spread out there. I can have my space. There aren't people buzzing about everywhere. I can have my privacy. I can smell the dirt and the air. I can see the stars.

The city is great, I really enjoy the city. There is something going on all the time. So much is so close by. I can get to the largest mall in the Midwest in 40 minutes, I can hop on a bus and visit the biggest library I've ever seen. Get on that same bus and I can be at Target, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, the heart of Minneapolis, in 10 minutes. Here I am at the center of a great city, full of life, art, creativity, food, shopping, and so much more. I can walk most places I need to get to day-to-day. When I want to visit friends, depending on who I'm visiting, I don't even have to leave the building, or they are just a short 15 minute walk away...

But the city doesn't give me the space I need, the freedom I desire. It can be suppressing. There is no where to escape to where I can truly feel alone and at peace with myself and nature. I can go to my room...the room I share with a roommate, the room that is connected to two other rooms by a dividing wall, the room that is sandwiched between floors 7 and 9 in a 12 story building, the room that has everything I need to live comfortably inside, the room that has all my possessions in it, the room that isn't quite "home." I could go to a park, or down by the river, but I can still hear the sound of the cars driving past somewhere nearby, the whine of sirens, the babble of voices...I can still smell the exhaust, the city stench, the heavy air.

My heart cries out for the open space of the country, or even the suburbs would maybe answer the call...but somewhere that allows me to have my space. Somewhere that allows me to smell the fresh dirt... i love the smell of good, clean dirt... to smell the clean air ... especially after it rains ... to see the glittering stars at night ... there are no stars over a city.

I love walking along in the silence of a forest, watching and listening to the birds fly through the trees, dancing in the rain, splashing in a pond, running bare foot through the grass, being out in the world with nature.
Then I like to come back to my home and enjoy time with my family, hang out in my room ... which is probably bigger than the one I share here ... be able to go to different places around the house and still have a few rooms between me and someone else.
I like feeling like I live so far out from everyone else, yet be within 20 driving minutes of everywhere I would need to be.

I didn't realize how much I need that space, how much I would miss it all, until I came to the city.
I may call where ever I currently sleep home, for lack of something better to call it, but it isn't truly home.
It is not the place I truly dwell.

Moon Rise 1-2-2007 1.JPG

February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Craziness

"The reason women don't play football is because eleven of them would never wear the same outfit in public."
-Phyllis Diller (this quote doesn't have much to do with anything, but I thought it was funny)

"Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only: Super Bowl."
-Bill Peterson

So the Super Bowl was amazing. Giants beat the Patriots 17-14. I went up to Bailey with Sami to watch it with Julia and Kristin. The Giants were ahead in the first quarter with a field goal, the Patriots were ahead in the second quarter with a touch down, no one scored in the third, and in the fourth, Giants scored with 10 left, Patriots scored with just under 3 left, and Giants made an amazing pass play to score with 35 seconds left. O my goodness. that was a good game. YAY!!
And the commercials? Some were decent, a few were really funny, and a lot were rather dumb. There have definitely been better years for Super Bowl commercials. The best ones were from Bridgestone tires-the screaming squirrel was soo cute! The Budweiser commercial was also pretty cute-the Clydesdale working out with the help of the Dalmatian so he could be on the beer wagon team. The Bud Light commercials were also pretty good. All the other ones though, weren't quite up to par.

"A world that flows respects no boundaries."

In the Scheme of Things by Thomas R. Fisher

February 2, 2008

The Mission

Three is the number of those who do holy work;
Two is the number of those who do lover's work;
Once is the number of those who do perfect evil
Or perfect good.

- From the notes of a monk
of the Order of St. Oco;
his name unknown

from Abarat by Clive Barker

February 1, 2008

Why even bother...

I got to calc about 7 minutes early. I sat where I normally sit-the right end seat, about 3 from the front. There was a seat open next to me, then someone in the seat after that. No one had filled the seat immediately to my left by the time class started, so I stretched my legs out in front of it. About 10 minutes later, a guy comes in, and sits in the seat immediately to my left, so now I have to get out of his way. Then he just sits there writing down pairs of letters all over his notebook page (the prof is giving us notes on limits...nothing to do with letter pairs). With 15 minutes left of class, they guy gets up and leaves. The class is only 50 minutes long. He missed half of it. What was the point of even coming? I don't get it. I was also annoyed, because I couldn't get comfortable again after he came and sat next to me. Then in my writing class, 3 people came late. one came in 5 minutes late, another 17 minutes late, and the third 18 minutes late. Once again, only a 50 minute class period. coming 5 minutes late, i can understand that, but almost 20 minutes? that's missing half the class, basically. And it's also really disruptive-they have to find a seat, take of their coat, get situated, turn of their cell...
why can't they just get to class on time? everyone else does.