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CRU Dinner and Dance for Valentine's Day

6a the ahs girls.jpg Last Saturday was the CRU Valentine's Dinner and Dance. It was so much fun. Sami and I went over to Bailey to get ready. I have never taken so short a time to get ready for a dance. I was ready in half an hour, a whole hour early. There were twelve of us getting ready up there. Then at 6 o'clock four guys pulled up to the door to take us all to the dinner and dance. Turns out it was at the Neuman center. They had decorated it so pretty. There were candles on all the tables, black table cloths, red ribbons and hearts, white lights on the columns. It was lovely. then they (the guys) served all us gals dinner. First a salad, then chicken, rice, and asparagus with a yummy sauce, then for dessert a giant strawberry and two chocolate truffles. Yum Yum. After dinner, some of the tables were cleared away, and a DJ started playing the music. He played so many good songs. It was a blast. We had our driver take us back to Bailey around midnight. By then, it was too late to get back to Middlebrook because the last connector runs at midnight. So Sami and I had an impromptu sleepover at Julia's. Oh, and FYI, on sunday mornings, the first connector doesn't come until 9:30, not 9. So we had to go straight to church instead of going back to MBH first. It was FREEZING outside. brrrrrr.
14 silly face.jpgIt was amazing though. The guys came and picked us up and the dropped us at the door, where more guys would escort us in and take our jackets. Then they served us dinner that they made. Then they put on a dance, and took us home when we got tired. It was the ultimate night of chivalry.