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What's With the Weather?

So the weather is being strange again. And it's getting annoying. Last week it was cold. Like single digits, to low teens cold. Then over the weekend it was absolutly gorgous. It was 34ish degrees and sunny. I went down town and wore my jean jacket. Then, sunday night the wind blew and brought the cold back. I went to class today and it was -12 at 8 am. A bit chilly if you ask me. And that was without the wind chill. And now according to the forcast, this coming weekend it's going to be in the 30's again, followed by a 10 degree temp drop on Tuesday. It's funny how the weather keeps getting warm on the weekends, like it knows that we don't have to go anywhere, so it might as well get warm, but, o wait, it's a weekday now, and everyone it going to be outside going to class, it should be cold now. Crazy weather. I can't wait for spring. It will be so nice. I wont need to wear 5 layers and carry around a big bulky jacket. And I'll be able to wear a different pair of shoes. I only have on pair of shoes that covers my whole foot and doesn't let the wind in, besides my boots. So wearing different shoes, even sandles will be nice. O the sweatshirt weather. Hurry up and get here.