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Studying and the Wandering Mind...

During LASk today, Chris gave showed us a graph of our concentration during studying. It looked something like this:

an hour long study session-1 chunk.bmp

The x represents one hour (each red tally is at a 15 minute increment) the y represents level of concentration. Note the lack of concentration in the middle...this is where there is very little retention of information. Now this next graph is if you break up the hour. Note how much more concentrating is going on and how much more information is retained. True, it may take longer to study, but more is learned.

an hour long study session-4 chunks.bmp

So with this in mind, maybe a new study motto could be implemented? Instead of lets just get through this because I'll be done with it faster...maybe it should be hmm...my mind is wandering...i wonder where it is going? I shall go chase it, see it's destination to satisfy it, then return it to the present and get back to work. I think I like that motto better.