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My mom and sister came up to the cities this weekend for my cousins first communion and on their way home, I sent home a load of stuff, including my papasan chair, bookcase, and half my closet. Since they were there, along with my uncle and grandpa who came to help load the car, I decided that I might as well deloft my bed now instead of waiting a day and delofting it then and then having to wait in a giant line to turn in my loft. So now my bed has been delofted for almost a full 24 hours, and it is sooo strange. I walk into our room, and Brittany's bed is still lofted (that will change though tomorrow night) and her half looks normal. then i look to my half, and i have to pause. The wall looks bare, it looks so open, yet so closed. Like there is more space, yet there is less. Then I sat on top of my bed to work on homework last night, and whenever i looked up from my computer, i had to pause again. Instead of sitting squashed in the 3 feet of space there was between the bed and the ceiling, i now had at least 7 feet. I'm only 3 feet off the floor instead of 6. and I was basically on the same level as Brittany who was sitting on her chair under her loft. Then it came time for bed. I went to lay down, and i didn't have to climb up the side of my bed, i could easily reach the light switch on my floor lamp, and i had a table (the fridge) within easy reach to put my glasses on. Laying down was strange too. all that extra room above my head, i couldn't touch the ceiling, the lamp over my head instead of under it. I also felt very exposed. Being up close to the ceiling, i felt protected, like i was in a little cove above the room and no one could get at me. With it delofted, I was on the ground floor again, when Brittany walked around, i realized that the bed only came up to her stomach. I then realized the different zones that my room once had. There's my desk area, the "den", when all business takes place, homework gets done, its a public place. there was the "living room" under the loft, with my bookshelf, giant comfy papasan chair, and some lighting form the floor lamp, all held together by the rug, and kept nice an cozy by the low roof of my lofted bed, but it was still a public spot that my friends would gather and sit around. then there was my bed on the loft. that was my "bedroom." Only I ever went up there, and it was my little cave, my safe spot. No one could get me up there, i was above the world looking down on it, I was safe from whatever was happening down below. It was my little cave just for me. Now with the loft down, i lost the "living room" and my "bedroom" and the "den" area has lost its definition. It all now just flows together. The top of my lap top rises a few inches above the top of my bed, and the "living room" and "bedroom" are now one and the same. I don't have my little safe cave above the world anymore. And under the bed is just some storage space that isn't really good for anything. It's soo different and strange. It's sorta nice having my bed delofted, because it's easier to get to and i can now actually sit up in bed without hitting my head on the ceiling. But I've decided I much prefer it lofted.
I'm glad I'm only going to have to live with it like this for a week.

Before (take in the first week of school, so there is a ton more stuff on the walls and a bit messier):
Delofted (2).JPG