January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! It's now 2009. Wow, how time flies. I can't believe that my first semester of sophmore year is over already. It seems like just last week, or maybe two weeks ago, i was packing up and going to spat camp. wierd. Anyway, one of my goals for 2009 is to take one picture every day, the picture (so far) generally has something to do with what's going on in my life that day, so they will sort of tell a story for the year. That's the plan, anyway. and then at the end of the year, I will put them all together on a big poster and have a year in pictures. I thought I could post them here too. So here are the first 5 pictures of this year (I have done anything yet today to warrent a picture).
Jan 1
Jan 1.JPG
Jan 2
Jan 2.JPG
Jan 3
Jan 3.JPG
Jan 4
Jan 4.JPG
Jan 5
Jan 5.JPG

June 24, 2008

Randall the Scanner

So I named the scanner at work Randall, after the bad chameleon monster in Monsters, Inc. The first day I started scanning drawings, it took me an hour and a half to scan 30 drawings. It kept eating the paper, crinkeling its edges, getting jamed, and making it impossible to send the paper through straight. He's gotten better though. So far, my best is 2.6 sheets per minute. Today, I scanned in 87 sheets in 35 minutes. (watch, i probably just jinxed myself, and tomorrow i wont get anything scanned in). Yes, this is what I do at work, I spend my time trying to figure out how many drawings I can scan in a minute. :D It's good fun.
xerox 510 scanner.jpg randall.jpg

June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Happy Birthday to You...
Happy Birthday to You...
Happy Birthday Dear Mom...
Happy Birthday to You!!!

May 5, 2008


My mom and sister came up to the cities this weekend for my cousins first communion and on their way home, I sent home a load of stuff, including my papasan chair, bookcase, and half my closet. Since they were there, along with my uncle and grandpa who came to help load the car, I decided that I might as well deloft my bed now instead of waiting a day and delofting it then and then having to wait in a giant line to turn in my loft. So now my bed has been delofted for almost a full 24 hours, and it is sooo strange. I walk into our room, and Brittany's bed is still lofted (that will change though tomorrow night) and her half looks normal. then i look to my half, and i have to pause. The wall looks bare, it looks so open, yet so closed. Like there is more space, yet there is less. Then I sat on top of my bed to work on homework last night, and whenever i looked up from my computer, i had to pause again. Instead of sitting squashed in the 3 feet of space there was between the bed and the ceiling, i now had at least 7 feet. I'm only 3 feet off the floor instead of 6. and I was basically on the same level as Brittany who was sitting on her chair under her loft. Then it came time for bed. I went to lay down, and i didn't have to climb up the side of my bed, i could easily reach the light switch on my floor lamp, and i had a table (the fridge) within easy reach to put my glasses on. Laying down was strange too. all that extra room above my head, i couldn't touch the ceiling, the lamp over my head instead of under it. I also felt very exposed. Being up close to the ceiling, i felt protected, like i was in a little cove above the room and no one could get at me. With it delofted, I was on the ground floor again, when Brittany walked around, i realized that the bed only came up to her stomach. I then realized the different zones that my room once had. There's my desk area, the "den", when all business takes place, homework gets done, its a public place. there was the "living room" under the loft, with my bookshelf, giant comfy papasan chair, and some lighting form the floor lamp, all held together by the rug, and kept nice an cozy by the low roof of my lofted bed, but it was still a public spot that my friends would gather and sit around. then there was my bed on the loft. that was my "bedroom." Only I ever went up there, and it was my little cave, my safe spot. No one could get me up there, i was above the world looking down on it, I was safe from whatever was happening down below. It was my little cave just for me. Now with the loft down, i lost the "living room" and my "bedroom" and the "den" area has lost its definition. It all now just flows together. The top of my lap top rises a few inches above the top of my bed, and the "living room" and "bedroom" are now one and the same. I don't have my little safe cave above the world anymore. And under the bed is just some storage space that isn't really good for anything. It's soo different and strange. It's sorta nice having my bed delofted, because it's easier to get to and i can now actually sit up in bed without hitting my head on the ceiling. But I've decided I much prefer it lofted.
I'm glad I'm only going to have to live with it like this for a week.

Before (take in the first week of school, so there is a ton more stuff on the walls and a bit messier):
Delofted (2).JPG

April 12, 2008

Breakfast This Morning

So I was eating breakfast by myself this morning when David joins me.
David: Ah, I knew I saw a familiar face.
Me: Good Morning David.
David: Where’s Sami?
Me: She’s at home this weekend.
David: Aha! I knew something was up.
Me: …why is something up?
David: Well, you two are like orbiting planets. If I see one, the other is somewhere close by. So when one was is missing, something is up.
Me: k…She’s at home for the weekend.

it made me giggle.

April 2, 2008

Studying and the Wandering Mind...

During LASk today, Chris gave showed us a graph of our concentration during studying. It looked something like this:

an hour long study session-1 chunk.bmp

The x represents one hour (each red tally is at a 15 minute increment) the y represents level of concentration. Note the lack of concentration in the middle...this is where there is very little retention of information. Now this next graph is if you break up the hour. Note how much more concentrating is going on and how much more information is retained. True, it may take longer to study, but more is learned.

an hour long study session-4 chunks.bmp

So with this in mind, maybe a new study motto could be implemented? Instead of lets just get through this because I'll be done with it faster...maybe it should be mind is wandering...i wonder where it is going? I shall go chase it, see it's destination to satisfy it, then return it to the present and get back to work. I think I like that motto better.

April 1, 2008


Anyone pull any pranks?
Anyone fooled by a prank?

March 31, 2008


March 30, 2008

New Layout

So I decided that the last layout wasn't bright enough, and it was to curly-que/soft colored. So I changed it. And Rachel, if you look at this, scroll down to the very'll like it. :)

Quotes from a Calc Prof

Over the last semester, my calc prof (prof al mardon) has said quite a few funny/strange/odd things. I have kept track of most of these in the top margins of my notebook, and now I'm putting them here.

-You're at target, and you know how much stuff you put in your...wheeler thing.
-If you really wanted to get an A Star on this problem...
-and the graph looks something like goes to heaven over here and and it goes to hell over here...
-This is the lesson for you to forget today...
-I want you to be comfortable. That's how the Giants won, they were comfortable.
-(this one's from my TA) Everybody should do this, this is the first step. If you don't do this, I will get mad.
-It's positive when x is huge. It's negative when x is minus huge.
-Well, you know what a tree is, your mama told you what a tree is.
-Why didn't you tell me I made a mistake? It's all your fault if I make a mistake!
-And this is your answer and you'd give it to your assistant to simplify if you want it simplified.
-Well, what the hell does x to the pi mean?
-You're supposed to know trig already, but no one really does.
-It would be bad, well it wouldn't be bad, it would be ugly.
-"...I did something wrong...I have done something terribly wrong. You shouldn't let me get away with this." student: "we love you."
-I blame the whole thing entirely on you for letting me write down the wrong thing.
-It's, what the hell is it called?
-You may think this is complicated, but we're from Minnesota, we can do things like this.
-...this isn't what I wanted.
-Something's wrong in the stated of Denmark.
-Some people like their math teachers. I had Mr. Humpkey and I liked Mr. Humpkey and now his son is teaching at St. Olaf...isn't that interesting?
-Natural logs are like natural foods, they're grown in nature without any artificial ingredients.
-One more item I want to push in your face...
-The whole enchilada
-well what the hell does this mean?
-well, that was sort of fun, they're all sort of fun, it was sort of fun
-no on is growling at you
-this is car number b and car number a
-adjacent over hypot ... ... enuse
-(student in the class) don't you have to derivitize it?
-now we have all the x's on the ground floor
-because I'm not concentrating on the problem...never mind what I'm thinking about
-I'm not a word person, i like geometry better
-the whole point of mathematics is to decrease the verb-e-idge
-you know, I think there's some vodka called absolute vodka
-(30 min into lecture) Any questions about this? there really shouldn't be any questions because I haven't said anything.
-These word problems are troublesome and kind of hateful...
-well, this is the first step. the second step is to read the problem again.
-O Shoots! we say to ourselves, we don't know the formula.
-I didn't really go over this, I hope its not on the final so I don't have to explain it to you.
-Wait a minute, what am I doing here? Why are you letting me do this? It's your fault!
-Somethings wrong. Somebody find my mistake.
-Why didn't you tell me? I'm sitting here struggling, and your embarrassing me.
-Suppose you're climbing the mountains in Switzerland because it's nice to climb mountains in Switzerland.
-You may think this is horrible, but it's in the book, so it's not horrible.
-...but we're tough, we're from Minnesota, we can differentiate this.
-Ok? ... please say ok ...
-Student: "can you say how you got that again?" prof: "well, I sorta did it in my head..."
-but we say O my God, we don't want to take the derivative of the secant squared!
-being naturally lazy, we don't like to do more work than necessary, so does anyone know what to do?
-huge + huge is huger
-I wish you wouldn't assume I'm right
-Well now we have a different kettle of fish!
-Somewhere between zero and this, it's changing...let's ignore that.
-You're not going to be a great tennis star if you don't practice. You can't learn to play tennis by reading a book.
-A volume of -4? What does that mean? The weather this morning is weather? What does that mean?
-We're from Minnesota, we're used to shoveling snow, let's do this.
-You know I feel badly for those of you who don't know trigonometry very well ... anyway...
-And f of 7pi/6 I don't want to do this ... lets ignore it.
-Are you totally snowed? How many of you are totally snowed?

February 20, 2008

What's With the Weather?

So the weather is being strange again. And it's getting annoying. Last week it was cold. Like single digits, to low teens cold. Then over the weekend it was absolutly gorgous. It was 34ish degrees and sunny. I went down town and wore my jean jacket. Then, sunday night the wind blew and brought the cold back. I went to class today and it was -12 at 8 am. A bit chilly if you ask me. And that was without the wind chill. And now according to the forcast, this coming weekend it's going to be in the 30's again, followed by a 10 degree temp drop on Tuesday. It's funny how the weather keeps getting warm on the weekends, like it knows that we don't have to go anywhere, so it might as well get warm, but, o wait, it's a weekday now, and everyone it going to be outside going to class, it should be cold now. Crazy weather. I can't wait for spring. It will be so nice. I wont need to wear 5 layers and carry around a big bulky jacket. And I'll be able to wear a different pair of shoes. I only have on pair of shoes that covers my whole foot and doesn't let the wind in, besides my boots. So wearing different shoes, even sandles will be nice. O the sweatshirt weather. Hurry up and get here.

February 13, 2008

CRU Dinner and Dance for Valentine's Day

6a the ahs girls.jpg Last Saturday was the CRU Valentine's Dinner and Dance. It was so much fun. Sami and I went over to Bailey to get ready. I have never taken so short a time to get ready for a dance. I was ready in half an hour, a whole hour early. There were twelve of us getting ready up there. Then at 6 o'clock four guys pulled up to the door to take us all to the dinner and dance. Turns out it was at the Neuman center. They had decorated it so pretty. There were candles on all the tables, black table cloths, red ribbons and hearts, white lights on the columns. It was lovely. then they (the guys) served all us gals dinner. First a salad, then chicken, rice, and asparagus with a yummy sauce, then for dessert a giant strawberry and two chocolate truffles. Yum Yum. After dinner, some of the tables were cleared away, and a DJ started playing the music. He played so many good songs. It was a blast. We had our driver take us back to Bailey around midnight. By then, it was too late to get back to Middlebrook because the last connector runs at midnight. So Sami and I had an impromptu sleepover at Julia's. Oh, and FYI, on sunday mornings, the first connector doesn't come until 9:30, not 9. So we had to go straight to church instead of going back to MBH first. It was FREEZING outside. brrrrrr.
14 silly face.jpgIt was amazing though. The guys came and picked us up and the dropped us at the door, where more guys would escort us in and take our jackets. Then they served us dinner that they made. Then they put on a dance, and took us home when we got tired. It was the ultimate night of chivalry.

February 8, 2008

O Library, full of books, how I have missed thee

I went to the library today. It was glorious. the library is huge, and beautiful, and full of life, and calm, and peaceful, and humming, and there are books everywhere... and there, I did homework. Sami and I found some comfy chairs on third floor by the sheet music files and the music CD's. the sound of ppl flipping through the cases was rather calming. We sat there for about an hour and a half and did homework. I was really productive. Got a lot of math done. it was good. Then...I got a LIBRARY CARD!! I feel connected now. The only problem with having a library card is that I don't really have time to read the books I might check out.
Then tonight, I subed for hockey band at a women's game. I thought it was a lot of fun, but hockey band didn't like it at all. I suppose i enjoyed it because I can't compare it to a men's game. Hopefully I will get to sub for one of those too. Oh, we played Ohio State and beat them 7 to 3.

February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Craziness

"The reason women don't play football is because eleven of them would never wear the same outfit in public."
-Phyllis Diller (this quote doesn't have much to do with anything, but I thought it was funny)

"Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only: Super Bowl."
-Bill Peterson

So the Super Bowl was amazing. Giants beat the Patriots 17-14. I went up to Bailey with Sami to watch it with Julia and Kristin. The Giants were ahead in the first quarter with a field goal, the Patriots were ahead in the second quarter with a touch down, no one scored in the third, and in the fourth, Giants scored with 10 left, Patriots scored with just under 3 left, and Giants made an amazing pass play to score with 35 seconds left. O my goodness. that was a good game. YAY!!
And the commercials? Some were decent, a few were really funny, and a lot were rather dumb. There have definitely been better years for Super Bowl commercials. The best ones were from Bridgestone tires-the screaming squirrel was soo cute! The Budweiser commercial was also pretty cute-the Clydesdale working out with the help of the Dalmatian so he could be on the beer wagon team. The Bud Light commercials were also pretty good. All the other ones though, weren't quite up to par.

February 1, 2008

Why even bother...

I got to calc about 7 minutes early. I sat where I normally sit-the right end seat, about 3 from the front. There was a seat open next to me, then someone in the seat after that. No one had filled the seat immediately to my left by the time class started, so I stretched my legs out in front of it. About 10 minutes later, a guy comes in, and sits in the seat immediately to my left, so now I have to get out of his way. Then he just sits there writing down pairs of letters all over his notebook page (the prof is giving us notes on limits...nothing to do with letter pairs). With 15 minutes left of class, they guy gets up and leaves. The class is only 50 minutes long. He missed half of it. What was the point of even coming? I don't get it. I was also annoyed, because I couldn't get comfortable again after he came and sat next to me. Then in my writing class, 3 people came late. one came in 5 minutes late, another 17 minutes late, and the third 18 minutes late. Once again, only a 50 minute class period. coming 5 minutes late, i can understand that, but almost 20 minutes? that's missing half the class, basically. And it's also really disruptive-they have to find a seat, take of their coat, get situated, turn of their cell...
why can't they just get to class on time? everyone else does.