I started this process by coming up with a list of pros and cons of a typical cookie in the hopes of creating a product that eliminated many of the cons while maintaining many of the pros. Highlights from the positives list include: handheld, controlled portions, easy to bake, storable, and delicious. Some of the key negatives were: unhealthy (typically), only for dessert, seen as "junk food", and lacking much nutritional value at all.

A product that could address all these pros and cons is a cookie created specifically for a meal. I decided to focus on dinner, with a creation I call the "spaghetti cookie."

Creating a cookie made of spaghetti poses several issue logistically, mainly in keeping the noodles together in cookie form. After initially cooking the spaghetti noodles, I developed a wide variety of bases to add to the noodles before putting them in the oven. I separated small portions of noodles and began the testing process. I tried baking several different prototypes: Plain noodles, noodles covered in whipped egg, egg and flour, pancake batter, and ground beef infused. I also tried varying ratios of ingredients to hopefully find the perfect balance. I created several platters with the different tests and put them in a 350 degree oven:


The product I determined to work best was a batch that included 1 egg for approximately each square foot of noodles, a pinch of flour, and a half cup of desired sauce:


After cutting and trimming the product for final presentation I concluded with this final product:


The spaghetti cookies are still bite-sized and convenient but are also considerably more nutritious. They also taste awesome!


1 serving spaghetti noodles
Pasta sauce

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare noodles in boiling water to desired tenderness. Drain water form noodles and place in a large mixing bowl. Add eggs (1 egg per square foot of flattened noodles) and sauce (1/2 cup per square foot) and mix together by hand. Flatten noodles on cookie sheet and cover. Place in oven for 20. Remove, cut, and serve.



Now these are some interesting cookies!

I really liked how you tested out different combinations of noodle, egg, and flour in order to find the most feasible cookie. I am sure that they tasted good once they came out of the oven, but my concern is that they will become more brittle and difficult to eat over time. And while the spaghetti is baked and in the shape of a cookie, it does not retain any other cookie qualities.

If you were to make these again, I would maybe look to using a cookie base and incorporating spaghetti ingredients into the dough. This way, the crunchy spaghetti would make the cookie really interesting. And, you could add in other ingredients like tomato and basil while still maintaining cookie qualities.


Hi James,

Firstly, great idea to bring spaghetti into this cookie world! It did draw the attention.
It is very interesting that you started with the pros and cons of a conventional cookie, to make your way towards innovation by attempting to reverse the negatives. However, it is a big claim that the spaghetti noodles indeed achieve the goal of reversing those three negatives. Can you really pitch this cookie to a cookie company with these claims?

Although this spaghetti is comparatively better nutritious than conventional cookies, they are indeed also made of some sort of conventional flour similar to the one for cookies. Additionally, you are also adding flour (what kind?). On the whole it is still made of some sort of conventional flour if you break it down, although it gives a better appearance with the noodles on top. Have you ever thought of other alternative ingredients other than the conventional flour? I am asking this because I do embrace the concept of healthiness with cookies. Also, instead of using a ready made pasta sauce, you could consider making your own healthy sauce from fresh resources (vegetables/fruits/spices) to add better nutritional value.

You mention that you did several prototypes or base combinations. Including a snapshot of them would have been great.
The first impression I got as I saw the cookie is fried noodles/sauce and had lesser attraction as a cookie, because it just looks like noodle and sauce. It would be great if it can be modified to remove that similar look and feel by breaking the noodles to a smaller size, adding different toppings etc?

On the whole, this is an interesting cookie with lots of scope down the line with upgrades!


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