Assignment 2


To get my creative juices flowing, I watched a movie created by one of the most innovative and creative animation studios around: Monsters University from Pixar. Pixar is an excellent example of creativity in both their final movies and production process.


To begin the assignment, I created a quick mind map in my sketchbook, complete with small sketches to go along with it!


My map has 4 main subcategories: Winter Sports, Snow, Holiday, and Warm Clothes. These branch out into a variety of different concepts from jackets and gloves, to cars and plows, and even to guns and robbers.

To come up with strange and wacky products and ideas from my mind map, I made a game of it. I would close my eyes and point at two random spaces on my map, picking those two concepts and blending them into one. I did this several times until I had come up with 10 product ideas (depicted bellow).

First, I combined Presents and Snow Plows. I created the "Santa Snowplow" which delivers presents to homes as it plows residential neighborhoods by catapulting them to the from door:

Next I combined an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Wrapping Paper, creating a product that wraps up gifts and when it's removed it can be used as a second gift, a Christmas sweater!

My next creation combines a Snow Blower with Skis to create skis that eject a stream of snow from the rear, similar to a jetski you would see on the water:

Combining Gloves and Shovels gave me a product that could help you dig out of any situation:

Next, I created a winter jacket for trees for when it gets extra cold. This makes the trees happier:

By combining figure skating with a pickup truck, I've managed to find a way to reduce the risk of automotive accidents:

Next. I put a snow plow on a hat. By plowing now this way, the user will get a lot more power from the new plowing angle:

To give cars more traction on snowy roads while also making them sparkle, I created a road salt that looks like medals and awards (gold silver and bronze!):

Ana finally, for the avid cross-country skier and hunter, I've combined skis with guns so you can hunt hands free!:


Your engages readers well by making it read like a story rather than a list of things you did. As far as your mind map, I think you could further expand on the different areas. Also to incorporate colors, vary text size to distinguish larger categories from more specific things. As far as your picture captions, could you make their placement uniform ( where they are all on the top page and the image is on the bottom or the caption and picture are all on one page)?

I liked how you laid out your blog by explaining what and why you did what you did. The mind map was great with some pictures included. Although I feel like you could have expanded more on the mind map just to get a bigger scope of what each word could lead to. The captions for each image is a good start, I would have liked seeing more explanation on what some of the products do. I would have also liked that each photo is the same size, the last three or so only have one page and the others have two page spreads.

Overall I thought your ideas were creative, though some were clearly unusable, they give great insight into where some products could go.

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