Assignment 5


To start this assignment, I began by taking one of the top rated ideas from my brainstorming session and applying to SAMPLE method of idea generation to it. The product idea I chose to examine and experiment with was the magnetic fingers glove (pictured below):


S: Substitute - For substitution I asked questions like: Can I use other materials? and Can I change the procedure? I came up with a list of possible ideas, including: Velcro fingertips, Hooked fingertips, Electro-magnets, or even moving the coat pocket to the glove itself. Ultimately I ended up expanding upon the Velcro-Tipped glove.

This glove has Velcro on the fingertips. Opposite Velcro pads can be applied to various items in your pocket for easier retrieval:

C: Combine - For this part I asked: Can I merge with other products? I came up with some ideas including: using spare electric charge from magnets as a hand warmer, integrating keys into the finger tips, or combining a wallet's card-holding capabilities with the glove/mitten.

I sketched below the wallet integration. This mitten dispenses credit cards, buisness card, of even bus cards straight from the itself:

A: Adapt - For this, I asked: What else is it like? and What ideas outside my field can I incorporate. After coming up with several other products that act in similar ways (Velcro, hooks, claw games, etc...)

I landed in integrating a mechanical "reching claw" with the glove:

M: Magnify - For this part, I asked: Can I add extra features? After some brief brainstorming, I landed on a product that has additional fingers below that clamp to the finger magnets, letting the user grab small objects with just one finger:

P: Put to Other Use - I came up with a couple ideas for alternative uses: A children's game, involving picking up and sorting metal pieces with the gloves; an alternative method of storage (refrigerator doors etc...); or a tool/small parts holder.

I sketched a worker using the glove to keep track of small bits like nuts and bolts magnetically while working:

E: Eliminate - I chose to eliminate a large number of magnets used in the glove. I think this will simplify the use of the glove, as the user just needs to use their index finger to "poke" and grab things with the magnet:

R: Reverse/Rearrange - For this, I thought of rearranging the placement of the magnets withing the gloves. I also considered what would happen if I reversed the intention of the magnet gloves. This resulted in a glove that pushed away things you would try to pick up and did not seem helpful.

I decided to go with placing the magnets on the tops or fingernails of the gloves, which allows more use of the hands when holding a metal object. Additionally, this could open up some customization opportunities with decorative fingernails on the gloves:

For my next step, I created a morphological analysis of the same magnetic gloves mentioned earlier. I looked at three functional requirements of these gloves: Insulation, Means of holding a small object, and Allows for use of hands -

This graph inspired my to create 2 additional product ideas:

Vice-Gloves which allow the user to use their index finger and thumb lice a clamping vice grip to hold objects firmly and securely:

And wrist strap attachments to hold your keys or other objects around your wrist when not in use:

The next step involved looking at the silly idea and making them practical. Interestingly enough, one of the silly ideas presented in the brainstorming session inspired the magnet gloves mentioned earlier. It was the Vac-gloves, they use suction to pick things up, much like the magnets in the fingertips of the magnet gloves:

Another silly idea was the finger-dart gloves. These gloves shoot darts out of your index finger and at your enemies:

I took inspiration from that idea in making the post-it note dispensing gloves. Much like the dart glove, these use your index finger to dispense post-it tabs to mark places on books or notes:

Here is a compilation of my top 10 best product ideas generated thus far:












I thought that your blog was really well put together. It was easy to follow and your ideas were easy to look at and understand. I do think that something that could be improved would be using a product that actually exists instead of one of your top ideas. I also think that it might have been helpful to have ten ideas that are different topics, instead of all the same thing.
I do think that all of your ideas were really unique and very interesting. I think that something else that could have been improved would be to describe your top ten ideas a bit more. I can get a general idea from your pictures and titles but I think that it might have been more beneficial if you explained why you liked those ideas and chose them.
Overall, you did a really nice job with a very creative topic.

Your put to other use idea and your vice grip gloves were my favorite product inventions! Your sketches are really good and very readable, it was really nice to be able to just look at your sketches and not have to read a huge blurb and understand what it was and what its intentions were! I think a few of them could have used a few words to describe them but other than that way to go! I think you could have gotten a little more creative and in depth with your ideas but then again it's hard when you're focused on an object!

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