Assignment 6


I began this assignment by standing out in the cold outside my house on 15th ave. When someone walked by I would try and pull them aside to ask for their thoughts on a couple of the product ideas I have generated so far. With each product, I asked if they would purchase it and if they said yes, I would ask how much they would consider paying for it. Here are my results (I got 15 responses for each product):

Post-it tab dispenser: 3 would buy for average of $10

Notepad Integrated Glove: 8, $10.45

Cash Dispenser: 7, $13.10

In-Glove Phone w/ Stylus 14, $21.50

Raised Button Fingertip: 5, $8.05

Index Finger Magnet: 13, $18.32

Velcro Tipped w/ Attachable Stickers: 9. $10.45

Card Dispenser/Wallet Integration: 13, $17.85

Vibration Reminders: 8, $20.32

Using this info I took the top 5 designs and discarded the rest. I was left with:

Phone integration with stylus,
Finger magnet,
Card dispence/Wallet integration,
Vibration reminders,
Velcro tips with attachments.

Next, I created a 2x2 matrix for each one to see if I could find any unoccupied market regions:

Phone/Mitten Integrations:
This graph shows that while there are plenty of warm phone/gloves, there is a lack of high functioning products that also provide warmth.

Magnetic Glove:
This diagram shows a gaping hole in cheaper, functional magnetic gloves.

Wearable Wallet Integration:
While there is clearly a variety of wearable wallets, there is very little to be seen in the winter wearable market thus far.

Similar to the magnetic gloves, there is a large hole in the warmer and less expensive vibrating gloves.

Velcro Gloves:
There seems to be a wide variety of Velcro gloves currently on the market. This is slightly discouraging though there were non found to be specifically functioning like my current product.

Conducting a simple google patent search yeilded the the following similar partents

For the Phone/Mitten integration: Pub number: CN202019791 U "Mouse Glove for Winter" Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.17.04 PM.png While not directly related to my phone glove integration, this patent shares many interesting characteristics. It Provides use of an electronic mouse in cold environments while keeping a mitten on.

For the Magnetic Glove: Pub Number CN201767102 U. Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.11.05 PM.png This is a product by a chinese inventor. It is pair of mittens with a central magnetic ring located in each palm. They are designed to warm the glove as well as hold small metal objects.

For the Wallet/Glove integration: Pub number: CN202364866 U "Wallet Gloves" Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.20.52 PM.png Created by another chinese inventor, this product has a zipped wallet attached to the back of the glove, with multiple layers to hold money and cards alike.

For the Vibrating Gloves: Pub number: CN202183810 U "Bluetooth Gloves" Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.24.53 PM.png These gloves sync wirelessly with your phone, receiving message notifications by vibrations and can also answer calls.

For the Velcro Gloves: Pub Number: WO2002068065 A3 (Interlocking Grip Gloves) These gloves are used for golfing primarily, but utilize a velco-like connection system to interlock them together creating a firm grip (No image available).

My biggest concern in developing the Phone integrated gloves would be finding the necessary materials to created a waterproof resistant for the phone that responds to a stylus. I estimate the material cost to be about $6 based on current retail prices of mittens, water resistant cases, and styluses. Using the formula (manufacturing cost=2*(retail/10)).

With the magnetic gloves I would have to do more research to make sure it used a magnet not especially harmful to electronic devices that would find their way into the users pocket. I would use a cheaper glove materal to fit the market needs (retail $5) and a simple neodymium magnet ($0.10 in bulk). using the same formula the manufacturing cost would only be about $1.02.

The Wallet glove will be difficult to make easy to use while wearing a glove. It will need to be easy ot add and remove cards quickly. For this the manufacturing cost shouldin't be much more than standard $15 mittens. I'd put the cost at about $5-$6.

The vibration gloves would be quite difficult to integrate with the technology needed as i have very little experience in electronics. I imagine weather proofing would be a challenge as well. To estimate the manufacturing cost I'll look at retail glove price ($15), a simple bluetooth adapter ($4) and a motor for vibrations ($1). Using the aforementioned formula manufacturing cost = $4

The velcro gloves would by far be the most simple to make, the most difficult thing would be finding the best way to adhere the velcro units to the finger tips. I can use a cheaper glove ($5-$10) and by bulk Velcro (<$.01) to get a total manufacturing cost of $1-$2


I applaud your bravery in grabbing random people on the street! I would be way to shy to do that, so well done.

Your 2x2 were well done and I think you showed good criteria. It would have been useful to actually know what each item costs so we could compare it.

It would have also been nice to know exactly what each product did. I had to go to your previous blog post to understand them.

I think you did a good job of assessing the feasibility in terms of your own skill set and knowledge. Your cost assessment are a bit vague on some products, but you are well aware of your challenges. My favorite idea is the wallet glove. In fact, I might just DIY some of those! Or you know, if you start selling them, let me know. :) Fumbling with my wallet in the winter is certainly a pain point for me.

I'm wondering if the magnets in the gloves might be more of a hassle. Like when opening doors or operating a car. Maybe an electromagnet that you can turn off when you can't find or grip something?

Nice work on delving into your ideas.

I think you did a very good job on this assignment. Especially in the survey part, you asked 15 people on the street in a cold weather. That is really a nice work. It would be really hard for me to do that, so I think you got more general opinions from consumers’ perspectives about your ideas by asking people that you did not know rather than friends. I noticed that In-Glove Phone w/Stylus has the most high end result from the responses and 14/15 people voted “Yes,” so I assume that the idea must be really idealistic to consumers. But you did not choose for your top 5 ideas. I wonder why.

Anyway, during the benchmaking process, you created good 2by2 matrix for each product. All of your ideas are glove-related, so I think you were able to look at specific things that would respond to the consumers’need more. I think you analized each step very well. Especially the finding patents part, I can see that you studied these products.

Overall, you made really good analysis on this assignment. I would like to see your best ideas coming on the market. Nice work!!

First off, I have to say that I like the layout of your blog! It always makes them more interesting when the design is consistent and themed.
Anyway, I also thought you did a great job on the assignment. Standing outside and asking people you have never met as they pass by is not only ambitious, but a great way to collect honest, not biased data.
I also like your ideas. The walled glove is my favorite, because it seems ridiculous when you first hear "wallet glove", but it could actually be a great product! Not to mention the patent you found relating to it looks like just a glove with a zipper pocket, lots of room for change!
One suggestion I would have would be to add a patent for velcro gloves, I know it is the most common and there are products like this already on the market, but it would be nice to see a patent for one!

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