Assignment 7


Pugh Chart

Upon analyzing the chart, I fairly easily dismissed the vibrating glove, as it had the worst results of the five. It seemed to me like the two strongest concepts was the wallet glove and the phone mitten, both having three pluses. I decided to ultimately go with the wallet glove because I was less familiar with some of the technology required to make the phone mitten (touch screen, weatherproofing, etc...)

After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with the following name "WoM" - 'w' for wallet, 'm' for mitten, and the 'o' to make it sound nice.

Final Product Sketch:


I've been having trouble uploading the video, I should be able to get that posted later this evening.

edit: Video

Movie on 12-11-13 at 10.50 AM



Great Pugh Chart! Easy to read and clear as a bell.

I appreciate your narrative. I didn't do much with mine. I can see that it makes a difference. Thanks for a good example.

Nice final graphic and decent product name.

I had trouble with video also. I think the blog system doesn't like some formats (or it could be a file size issue). I converted from .mov to .mv4 and mine uploaded without issue. Not sure if it was the format or the resulting compression.

Good luck, with video upload and Walley Tank.

Your chart is clear and easy to read, I like the yellow highlights throughout to add interest and highlight the product features.

I like the name you came up with, and your final product sketch is great. Good job utilizing sketching class skills! You maybe could have included some evidence of your brainstorming, for instance if you did a mind map.

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