Radio's Intimate Public

1. Was Roosevelt's appearance on the Fireside Chats intended to inform the public about politics or was it to control peoples thinking? How did the general public respond to the chat and why? (298-99).
2. Were the radio chats successful? How did Roosevelt use radio to reach the nation's public? What is the relationship between the media and politics? (301). Explain how the radio unified the public? (308)
3. Explain Vox Pop's intentions and the strategies that were used to reach audience? Does the media influence politics continue post -election? And if so how? (317)
4. Explain how Roosevelt used radio as a device to reach out to Americans? Compare his use of the media to Presidents Obama's use of media? (301-302)
5. According to the reading how has the radio blurred the line between public and private? (249). How has social networking sites affected political elections in history? How do current social networking sites differ from radio podcasts in the past and how do they affect elections now days? Is it necessary to have politicians on social networking sites such as face book and twitter?

Telile Regassa

Principles of Scientific Management

Telile Regassa

Principles of Scientific Management

In principles of scientific management, Frederick Taylor argues that scientific methods need to be implemented in management style to increase efficiency at work place. He goes on further to say that jobs need to be divided among workers to increase productivity and revenue. He expresses the significance of management commitment to the scientific management method. Taylor also stresses the essentials of worker trainings and gradual implementation of scientific management methods to see over all changes. To see complete work place efficiency and increase in earnings this method needs be welcomed by the entire labor force. He explains employment industries needs to welcome scientific management in order to benefit and see change.

Taylor spectacles the main motivation and objective for companies and managers were to maximizing profit by increasing productivity. He also believes that workers are driven and motivated by money. I disagree with this point he makes, I believe this reference puts down workers and the general labor force. He overlooks the possibility workers love their jobs and companies enjoyed to seen their final product produced. To imply workers work hard to maximize their wages is suggesting money is the driving force behind people's motivation.

Taylor over and over stresses managers and companies only adapt scientific management method if they only understand the fundamental method. What are these fundamental methods he is referring? What do you think Taylor would say about today's management style? Do you think today's management style implements scientific management method?

Styles used:
1. Classic reading response

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