March 18, 2008

Out of the Chute

It is a snowy day in Montevideo, MN. Overnight the world, again turned pure and white. It won't last, they say spring is on the way. I looked out the window of our bedroom to the barn covered in the heavy wet snow. No owls this morning, just the quiet snow. I revel in the peacefulness of it all before getting everyone up for the day and starting the chaos. First, David gets up to light the fire in the kitchen stove and start cars and shovel the sidewalks. Sort of the mixture of old and new, the fire in the kitchen and the cars. We wake Nina first and herd her into the shower. Then Lizi comes in with her wild hair and sleepy eyes. This will not last long! In and out of the bathroom so the next person can use it. Sometimes I wonder about all those fancy homes on HGTV that have separate bathrooms for all, and then I realize that sharing is a valuable lesson to learn. The girls are excited about the snow. Nina takes her snowpants to school. She is in a wheelchair at school, because of the necrosis in her femur, but it seems cruel to tell her she can't play in the last snow, so I ignore the fact that I know she could get hurt. She is careful. Lizi can't wait to blast snowballs at her dad! Ah, the fun of March snows!