Marguerite Ragnow, curator of the James Ford Bell Library at the University of Minnesota.

After careers in marketing and accounting, including managing my own business, I went back to school and finished with a Ph.D. in History, with minors in Medieval Studies and Latin, and an outside focus on international trade. As both a student and a professional, I have worked at the University of Minnesota since 1987. Since 2005, I have been full-time curator of the James Ford Bell Library.

Being a curator brings all of my past lives to bear: communications and marketing, public relations, accounting, even my 20+ years doing community theater! It is never dull, frequently challenging, and sometimes surprising.

In addition to being curator of the Bell Library, I am also the editor of Terrae Incognitae, the journal of the Society for the History of Discoveries. SHD is a non-profit scholarly organization devoted to the history of geographic discovery and its impact. And not coincidentally, it was co-founded by John (Jack) Parker, the first curator of the Bell Library! I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, currently as treasurer; the events committee of the U of M Friends of the Libraries; and I'm co-chair of local arrangements for the 2013 PreConference of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the Associate of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association -- and isn't that a mouthful! The RBMS PreConference will be in Minneapolis in 2013!

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