Talk Like a Pirate!


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You can read about real pirates at the James Ford Bell Library. Here are just a few titles to get you started:

1. An authentick and faithful history of that arch-pyrate Tulagee Angria : with a curious narrative of the siege and taking of the town and fortress of Geriah, and the destruction of his whole naval force, by Admiral Watson and Colonel Clive : to which is added, an account of his predecessors, the Angrias ... : also a full account of their dominions ... / in a letter to a merchant in London, from his brother, a factor at Bombay, who was present in the late expedition. London, 1756
Bell call number: 1756 Au

2. Daniel Defoe, The history of the pyrates, containing the lives of Captain Misson, Captain Bowen, Captain Kidd, Captain Tew, Captain Halsey, Captain White, Captain Condent, Captain Bellamy, Captain Fly, Captain Howard, Captain Lewis, Captain Cornelius, Captain Williams, Captain Burgess, Captain North and their several crews ... to the whole is added an appendix which compleats the lives of the first volume and corrects some mistakes ... / by Capt. Charles Johnson, author of vol. I. London, 1726(?).
Bell call number: 1724 De v1 and v2

3. A full account of the proceedings in relation to Capt. Kidd : in two letters / written by a person of quality to a kinsman of the Earl of Bellomont in Ireland. London, 1701
Bell call number: 1701 Fu

Singing in the Rain


New technologies have enabled the preservation of hundreds of films otherwise in danger of fading and disintegration (Learn more). The digital remastering of the MGM classic, "Singing in the Rain," enabled Turner Classic Movies to show the film once again on the big screen--one night only (August 22, 2012)--at movie theaters across the country.

Having only seen the film on a small television set, usually alone, the experience of seeing it larger than life as a member of an audience was wonderful. We laughed together, cheered, and clapped--some of us sang along (quietly...). Everyone left the theater smiling.

In a filmed interview with TCM's Robert Osborne, Debbie Reynolds commented on her experience making the movie. She was only 18 years old, had never danced before, and found co-star and director Gene Kelly quite the taskmaster. That insight was a reminder of the hard work that goes into those effortless dance numbers. The film was also a reminder of how much I like Donald O'Connor. Netflix will be sending me a copy of "Francis the Talking Mule" quite soon.

Celebrating Venice!


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