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In class we discussed that one reason people are obese is because they have limited or no access to a grocery store. The article I read on Yahoo!News suggests that even though people have access to fresh food at grocery stores, it is still easy for them to make poor nutritional choices because healthy food is so much more expensive than unhealthy food. The authors of the article (also the writers of the Eat This! Not That! books) say,"Researchers recently estimated that, on a junk-food diet, you could eat for $3.52 a day. But a healthy diet would cost a whopping $36.32 a day". This healthy diet estimate seems very high, but I agree with the fact that eating healthier can be more expensive than eating cheap, processed food high in fat and calories. This article provided 25 tips intending to help people save money and calories while grocery shopping. I felt some of the most helpful ones were:

3. Work the edges: The center aisles of the grocery store hold all of the processed junk foods that don't need to be refrigerated, and are almost always loaded with preservatives and calories. Sticking to the outside edges will only give you access to fresh produce, dairy, meats and seafood. This type of real food will fill you up better and provide more nutrients.

6. Buy frozen fruit in cold weather: One reason people don't like to eat healthy is because it is expensive to buy fresh fruits out of season. By buying frozen fruits, you're still getting most of the benefits for sometimes half the cost.

10. "Natural" doesn't mean squat: Companies try to encourage you to buy their products by hyping that they are "all natural". The term "natural" is unregulated, so companies can use it however they want to. "Natural" fat and sugar is just as bad for you as the "unnatural" kind.

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