Anorexia- Elle's Story.

This is a video that was made by a girl who's sister passed away from anorexia. It is really heartbreaking to watch, but I feel like it gives a great picture of what it is like to try to understand someone's eating disorder.

Eating disorders are not something that only affects the person with the eating disorder. Rather, they are something that have a profound impact on family and friends that are trying to support the person with an eating disorder. If you watch the video, you will see that Elle seemed like she had a pretty good life. She was happy; she had close friends and family who cared about her. Yet, she still fell victim to anorexia. Our culture puts so much pressure on people, especially women, to be thin. Even though many women are at a healthy weight, they are influenced by images in television, movies, and magazines, telling them that they are fat and that being fat is the worst thing that could happen to you. After watching Disfigured, I am sure many people in our class felt like they could better understand the mentality behind an eating disorder. Still, sadly for many women, they don't feel like there will ever be a point where they are happy with their bodies.

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