Corner Markets Going Fresh

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Throughout the class we have talked a lot about food deserts and the problems with healthy foods being more expensive. While I was looking though articles on the Minnesota Daily's website, this one caught my eye. This article discusses the new project in Minneapolis to move more healthy foods into convenient stores. These stores are often in low income areas and are they only places that some people can get to buy their weekly groceries. This project will promote healthy eating on a larger scale. Another goal of this project is to attempt to change the eating habits of children. Many children look for chips and soda when they go into a convenient store but the hope is that they may now look for more healthy options.

I think this topic is especially interesting since we just saw Food Inc. In the documentary it was a big issue that many people couldn't find healthy food at a low cost. Another hope for this project is that it will make healthy foods a more realistic option because of the lower cost. This change will allow people in lower income areas to have the same opportunities to eat healthy.

It is important to place focus on eating healthy and making healthy changes in all aspects of our world. Education and promotion of these habits will lead to a healthier lifestyle for future generations.

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I think it would be great to get more healthy foods in convenient stores, however, I do believe unless they begin to slowly take away the chips, candy, and pop, that are in the store, the kids will still over look the heathy isle for the sweet and salty isles. Also, not only will they have to put it in the convenient stores, but the healthy food will have to be as cheap or cheaper than the unhealthy food in order for it to really make a difference. I believe the idea of putting it in those stores is a good idea and a good start to making a difference, but they also have to do promotions to educate people to make the healthier choices.

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