Cutting teen salt could save future health costs

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Everything consumed by teenagers in current diets is jam-packed with sodium. It's understandable that our large french fry from McDonalds is salty beyond nutritional need, but everything we put into our bodies, even our Coca Cola with 75 mg of sodium, contains salt. Hypertension is a disorder that is often associated with obesity, and if teens were to reduce the amount of salt they consume by three grams a day, there would be a 68% decrease in the number of teenagers with hypertension. Three grams a day? Why hasn't this been put into effect. If each common fast food restaurant, soda producer and snack brand were to lower their sodium slightly, this could be put into effect. Simple as that. This easy decrease would also lower the number of U.S. adults with this heart condition, a great thing for the health of our country. By changing the way people expect food to taste-very salty, Because hypertension and high blood pressure are the contributing factors to both heart attacks and strokes, this sodium decrease in teens would help them in their adult life.

By paying attention to the nutritional information to choose low-sodium dietary options, you are making a smart choice for your heart. Teens who eat a small half a teaspoon less there would be a 43 percent decrease in over 2.7 million adults between ages 35 and 50 who suffer from hypertension.

Eat less salt in your diet and save your heart? I think we can manage that.

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I think that this is a really interesting topic. Cutting sodium, calories and fats is something that plenty of us have been thinking about lately. The thought of the freshman 15 is on the minds of everyone. Many people have increased their time at the gym and started to consider what they are actually eating. It is also important to realize how our health choices will effect us in the future. This is easier said then done. It is hard to find a healthy meal in the cafeteria. Eating salads and fruit becomes bland. There really are no grocery stores that are convenient for students on the east bank. Finding food that is inexpensive and good for you is a challenge but something that must be tackled in order to create a better future.

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