Exercise: For Type 2 Diabetes, 2 Types of Training


This article was really short and sweet, but it has good points for diabetics as well as non-diabetics.The theory was that with 100 minutes of high intensity aerobics and 1-2 days of resistance training for 15-20 minutes a day, one will be able to control their diabetes and lower their blood sugar. Basically, there were tests performed with different groups of adults with an average age of 55. Test groups consisted of some doing aerobics, some doing resistance, some doing the combo, and some not doing any exercise at all. The results showed that the combination was the key. Participants went from 7.7 to 7.3 percent blood sugar. Diabetes is growing to be such a large problem these days, for all ages. Even young children can form diabetes now as well, mostly due to poor eating and exercising habits. I believe that everyone should take this advice in general for their well being. This will help stop the overflow of people in the "obese" section of our society. If they can exercise well as well as eat a healthy diet, it can change everything.

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