How does the media on celebrities impact our own self-esteem?

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Stars magazine puts out multiple issues a year on who has the best and worst bodies. While many people find this to be entertaining, many people (especially teenage girls) take these images and compare them to their own bodies. What they do not realize the diets, surgeries, pills, and intense weight programs these celebrities are on, and not only that, but that it is not good for their bodies either. Since the magazine states they have a great body, the reader then desires for this same body. However, it is not only Stars magazine putting out these types of issues. ESPN just put out "The Body Issue" showing off all your favorite sports without clothing, and the on the cover of last months Seventeen magazine it states "Clothes That Make YOUR BODY Look Great!", "Look Pretty Now!", and "653 Fashion and Beauty Secerts!" What kind of message are we sending to teenagers when we encourage them to look better than they are? How much of teen eating disorders should we blame on the press? Why are magazines not trying to help self-esteem instead of destory it?

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