Being A Bit Overweight Is Risky?

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I found this article while searching through news articles posted on Yahoo. What mainly brought my attention to this article was its title "Study says even being a bit overweight is risky." The article starts off talking about how being even a little bit overweight puts you at a higher risk for premature death. It talks about how being overweight puts you at an increased risk of death from heart disease, stroke or cancer. The study used BMI as a form of measurement for the study, and they even said that if you are at the higher end of healthy BMI (22.5- 24.9) you have the lowest risk of death but still have risk. So now they are even saying that people with healthy BMI are at risk as well just because they have a little meat on their bones.

Every time that I read an article that has BMI as a source of calculating the statistics, I question that accuracy of the information. We have learned throughout the year about how BMI is an inaccurate source of determining if people are overweight or obese. Oliver evens dedicates a whole chapter in his book about why BMI is inaccurate. What I don't understand is why do we still use BMI as a form of measurement when it is so inaccurate. This article just made me mad as a read it because they are basically telling people that you can't have fat on you at all. Even though we need a little fat on us to survive. I just wish America could come to terms with this and accept that fact that fat isn't all that bad, and that it's not the fat that causes the health problems. Fat is just an outcome of poor diet and exercise.

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I couldn't agree more! The news reporting on this study was really irresponsible. There are many problems with the study, and even if it is taken a face value, a risk of 13% is actually very, very small in absolute terms. But yet the headlines were everywhere.

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