Obesity in the Workplace

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This article enforces the ideas of obesity discrimination in the work place. It provides great examples comparing obesity discrimination and racial discrimination, and how they are a lot alike. The difference is discriminating against a person's race is illegal. At the end of the article the author discusses how overweight people having a lower self-esteem may be another cause of not being promoted and receiving wages comparable to non-obese workers. She closes with giving the example of Oprah struggling with her weight but never coming off as insecure. She also provides a positive note encouraging obese workers to be confident in the work place.

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I agree this article also uses the comparison between weight discrimination and racial discrimination effectively to show its point, especially in regards to Donald Trump's offensive comment. I believe there are very few jobs in which being overweight would create a severe disadvantage to the employer, all of them in my opinion involving physical labor. I think the argument that people don't want to buy from fat people, even if it's true, is not the fat person's problem but the buyers and the employee shouldn't be punished, much as if someone didn't want to purchase something from a black person. I thought it was also interesting that reports of discrimination have just recently become prevalent. I think that this is because there has been much more media exposure recently on the subject of obesity which gives workers more confidence to speak up and does not necessarily mean there has been an increase in discrimination.

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