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I came across this article while surfing through the yahoo main page, and naturally, it caught my eye. It's all about the guy that trains the Victoria's Secret runway models, and how he does it. The trainer, Justin Gelband, talks about how he learns the foundation of the women, and creates a different workout and diet for each one. Using their blood type, he can better understand how they will digest and metabolize different foods. He spends 12 weeks of the year, training 8 different models, for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

This article particularly drew me in due to the idea that all these models have a trainer that helps them keep their bodies tone and fit. With all the recent discussion about anorexia and bulimia, its reassuring to know that some of the most famous, well-known models are on regular diets and exercise plans rather than skipping meals and vomiting all the time. So often people will merely think that these models are just born skinny and look the way they are naturally. They may have the genes that allow them the potential to look like they do, but without a dedication to themselves, their workouts, and their diets, these women would not be the standout models that they are now.


This was a very interesting article, especially for being on yahoo. I thought it was refreshing how he said just tone your stomach, hips, and inner thighs instead of going crazy trying to tone every muscle in your body. I also went on the website for the blood type "diet," that was really interesting too. I didn't know that your blood type affects how your body works so much! Apparently, as a type A, I should eat food in the most natural state possible. It also described my personality well too! It might be like a horoscope, applicable to most people, but it was a fun and interesting perspective nonetheless.

I found this article very fascinating especially since it was about the Victoria Secret Models and how they look they way they are. I had no idea that they each had their own personal work out and diet. I just assumed that most were anorexic or bulimic like most models we have recently read about. It was a relief knowing that not all models go to extremes to look good. I had also went on the blood type site and i found out a lot about my body and blood type. I am type O and I found out that I am more susceptible to diseases and that I have to be careful with what I eat and how often I work out especially when I'm stressed. It was very interesting reading all the tips they gave me. I had also learned something new reading this article because I had no idea that your blood type played a part of your body weight.

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