Republican Party Flaws

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I forgot to do my entry last week so I am doing it now. Better late than never! Anyways, I stumbled upon an interesting article post-election regarding the Republican Party. It was an analysis about what the Republican Party needs to do in order to gain power in the White House and Senate again. The article from the Washington Post, talks about 4 not so easy steps to rebuild and reconstruct the party. First it was suggested that the party starts being more positive and also think about what their platform is and run for those things, not against them. They also need to open the door to hispanic voters. Third, have a more grassroots approach like Obama did, which we also talked about in class. Last, select their candidates better. I truly believe all these actions need to be taken to improve their performance, because the Democrats have made these points their strengths to win voters.

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I have heard many similar things and read some similar articles in post election analysis. I see the points made and Republican officials themselves have even said that they need to change. One thing I really believe hurt the Republicans in this election, in particular Romney, was their ground game. They're get out to vote organization on election day crashed. The Obama campaign on the other hand was very well organized. I think it would be interesting to see how/if the election results would have been different if the Romney campaign had had a better ground game. Especially considering we just discussed in class how much door knocking and connecting with people affects voter turnout.

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