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Ashley Minnerath Field Notes

The interview with Ashley Minnerath was conducted in library study room 239 on Tuesday April 28th. Bryanna asked questions, Autumn ran the camera, and I [Drew Martin] took notes. Bryanna asked about Ashley’s recycling project and Ashley responded that she had started with Mary Hennessy in Facilities management through a group called TLP, Transforming Leadership Program, which concerns itself with the communication of sustainability and during one of their meetings recycling came up, and that MPRIG students had brought the problem of recycling bin signage, appearance, and location to the TLP’s attention. TLP is now trying to unify the appearance of recycling bins and to improve the signage so the bins are more noticeable to students, faculty, and staff. Ashley and a worker from facilities management named Jordan conducted a recycling bin audit, where the location, types of bins, and signs were recorded. In response the two came up with a plan fix the labels on the bins using stickers that would clearly mark the bin for a particular type of recyclable material. The two ran the idea past Mindy Granley and Doug Greenwood and got price quotes. They also want to incorporate a recycling program into the Bulldog Bash week. Ashley and Jordan are also working on signs for garbage cans that call attention to what people are throwing away. Ashley also said that although she is graduating this years she would like to continue on with the project through its completion during the fall of 2009. In addition she is working with Mindy to improve the UMD Sustainability website to make it a “one stop shop” for anyone curious about UMD’s sustainability initiatives. When asked about staff and student reactions to her project Ashley stated that the pair haven’t done any outreach work with students and that some departments have taken it on themselves to put up signs on their recycling bins, and that she hopes that UMD’s waste is minimized as much as possible, that food waste is composted throughout campus. The interview with Ashley lasted 15 minutes.