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Gettin' Trashy: The Documentary

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This is the real deal... the outcome of our entire semester of hard work and determination!

Chapters include:

1. Introduction
2. Sustainability
3. Now, Let's talk about trash
4. What's a trash audit?
5. Do you bring your own...
6. Where does our trash go?
8. A day in the life...
9. Superior Landfill
10. Trash Impact
11. Recycling
12. What's UMD doing to be better?
13. Paradigm Shifts
14. It's not just about recycling...
15. Jack Johnson's 3R's
16. In a perfect world...
17. Conclusions and Credits
18. B.A.D. Music
19. Gags and Bloopers

Duration: 42 minutes 49 seconds


Great video- I love that you look at the issue from many angles. This is a very positive message, and I think the video is a neat tool to help shift the reduce/reuse/recycle paradigm. Excellent work, outstanding job.